Laser Dentistry: Eradicating Gum Disease

Laser Gum Treatment: Preventing Gingivitis from Turning Into Periodontitis
Having Laser Gum Treatment can assist with stopping the spread of gingivitis. A lot of focus is often placed on taking care of your teeth and while this is important it’s also equally important to make sure you are maintaining the health of your gums. The main reason being is that gum tissue health is directly connected to the health of your teeth. If you think about it your gums are what hold your teeth in place.

How Does Gum Health affect Teeth Health?
With this being said if your gums are unhealthy then it will follow that your teeth could also become unhealthy and began to experience decay. A periodontist specializes in the treatment of gum disease, but often patients will avoid seeing a periodontist due to dental anxiety and a fear of having a painful experience. It’s important to note that thanks to advancements within the laser dental industry there is no need to put off seeing a periodontist for gum disease treatment because its less invasive.

How does Laser Gum Treatment work?
Gum disease
consists of different stages and the more severe forms of gum disease include effects that are irreversible. However, the first form of gum disease is gingivitis and if treated in a timely manner it can be reversed. During the gingivitis process the gingiva become inflamed and irritated. However, laser gum treatment can be used to combat gingivitis. Specifically, periodontal laser therapy can be used to remove damaged tissue around the teeth doing so helps to enable room for healthy gum tissue growth. 

Why are Laser Gum Treatments Effective?
Laser gum treatments are effective because the design of the laser makes it easier than ever to more precisely treat damaged gum tissue. Also, because the laser is so precise it enables your periodontist to target the damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Also, in comparison to other more traditional methods periodontal laser therapy is less invasive. The fact that it is less invasive means a patient will have less bleeding as well as less pain and swelling in comparison to traditional methods.

Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for Me?
If you’re questioning whether laser therapy is right for you it’s important to consider all of the benefits that laser gum therapy offers in comparison to more conventional means. On the other hand, while laser therapy offers many benefits over conventional means, it’s better to go the traditional route for treatment when gum disease has progressed well beyond its early stages and turned into periodontitis. This is the stage of gum disease when it’s advanced to the point of threatening the gums and jawbone.

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If you’re considering having laser gum treatment it would be beneficial to reach out to your dentist and set up a consultation. This would present you with the opportunity to have all your questions answered.


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