Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Clearwater, FL

Your local Clearwater dental team provides comprehensive preventive care services to help our patients maintain their healthiest smiles!

your preventive dentistry team at Clearwater Dental AssociatesThe experts at Clearwater Dental Associates provide the most up-to-date preventive care and dental cleanings near Clearwater, FL, because we invest in advanced technologies to keep your smile healthy between appointments. We use 3D digital x-rays, intraoral and extraoral cameras, digital cavity detection systems, and intraoral scanners to spot potential issues before they become problems!

We offer the following preventive care services at our Clearwater, FL, dental office:

Professional Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

To maintain a healthy smile, your teeth need to receive regular attention from a dental professional. Dr. Matthew Burton recommends that all patients have at least two dental cleanings annually to prevent disease and other oral health issues.

Our team uses the latest dental tools to provide rapid, comfortable care. After cleaning, they will polish your teeth to help remove stains or discoloration that may have built up over time, leaving your smile clean and refreshed!

Oral Cancer Screening

Using top technologies, our dentists perform non-invasive oral pathology exams to catch potential cancerous lesions as early as possible.

Nightguards For TMJ

preventive dentistry patient in chairDo you grind your teeth at night? For this condition, known as bruxism, our dentists offer custom-made night guards to correct the problem and preserve your healthy teeth and bite. Our specially designed, custom-fitted mouth guards can help patients fight bruxism and its related symptoms, including bite-related headaches!

Mouthguards For Athletics

Sports participants can take a simple step to protect their smiles, by using athletic mouthguards. Our mouthguards are custom-made to fit each individual patient, offering enhanced protection against injury and concussions.

Desensitizing Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

If you are sensitive to hot and cold, our dental team can help. After determining the cause of the condition, he will provide a simple, specialized treatment to keep your sensitivity at bay for months. He can also recommend ways to keep your teeth from becoming sensitive between regular appointments!

Top Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings In Clearwater, FL

Gentle, effective dental cleanings at Clearwater Dental Associates are designed to keep patients' smiles healthy for life! Call our office today to schedule your next preventive dental appointment!

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