Our Dental Technology at Clearwater Dental Associates

At Clearwater Dental Associates, we invest in only the best dental technologies, as part of our commitment to providing each patient with an exceptional care experience. Our office is one of the most technologically advanced in Clearwater, FL, and beyond!

dental x-ray technologyDental technology has progressed in recent years, making a long list of treatment more effective and less costly. Precision diagnostics and treatment technologies allow our dentists to effectively treat your dental concerns and allow you to receive faster, higher-quality care at a lower price!

3D Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are used to increase accurate diagnosis as well as clinical safety. At Clearwater Dental, we use 3D x-ray technology to ensure your x-rays are quick and comfortable. Our team can immediately access the images, saving you time in the dentist's chair!

Intraoral Camera

X-rays are an excellent tool for diagnosing oral health problems, but an intraoral camera gives us even more visibility into our patients' mouths. At Clearwater Dental, we use this technology to see beyond what x-ray machines reveal.

Laser Dentistry

At Clearwater Dental, we employ laser dentistry as a more comfortable alternative to traditional dental procedures. Our dentists use laser dental technology to deliver precise treatments in less time with reduced patient discomfort. Dental lasers are used for many operations, including periodontal therapy and cold sore treatments. They can also be used to detect tooth decay early on.

Digital Impressions

Dr. Keith M. Kiskaddon laughing with a dental patientReady to straighten your smile with Invisalign clear braces? You'll never have to worry about the messy, sticky impressions traditionally used in orthodontic consultations, thanks to our 3Shape digital impressions! Your orthodontic treatment plan will instead be based on the impressions taken by our non-invasive digital imaging technology.

Top Technologies for Customized Dentistry

Our dental technologies allow us to provide an ultra-comfortable, personalized experience for every patient. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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