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Looking for a dentist in Clearwater who can cover all of your oral health needs? Clearwater Dental Associates is here for you!

The team at Clearwater Dental Associates in Clearwater, FLOur tradition of providing exceptional, personalized dental care began over 30 years ago. For Dr. Burton and his skilled team, our goal is to provide every patient with the beautiful, healthy smile they've always wanted, along with the knowledge needed to maintain that smile for a lifetime. For patients of all ages, we strive to make dentistry as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our roomy, 17-seat facility and convenient office location in the heart of Clearwater makes this happen!

Clearwater Dental Associates is proud to offer quality cosmetic smile treatments, general dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, dental restorations, orthodontic treatments, and more. We’re equipped to give you the expert care you deserve! With our wide range of services, we can do everything you need under one roof, saving you referral appointments, trips to unfamiliar offices, and the headaches of coordinating your care with outside specialists.

Here are just a few of the dental services we offer:

Clearwater Dental Associates is proud to have staff members on hand for every aspect of the dental treatment process, including our restorative case manager, who provides personalized education on the clinical and financial details of each treatment plan! We also have an on-site insurance and account manager, who will explain your dental insurance benefits in detail, submit claims on your behalf, and help you through any dental insurance concern that may arise.

Receive Restorations Faster with Our In-House Dental Lab

closeup of dental x-rays at Clearwater Dental Associates in Clearwater, FLNeed a dental restoration? You'll receive it quickly here, at our on-site dental lab! Whether it's a minor repair of a dental restoration or prosthetic, our lab artisans are available to provide a consultation with you and your dentist, directly in the dentist's chair. That means you'll never have to order dental restoration materials to be shipped across the country or the globe — we'll simply walk you across the Clearwater Dental Associates office building!

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Since 1978, Clearwater Dental Associates has provided highly individualized dental care, with a state-of-the-art facility and skilled team who are well-equipped to manage every aspect of our patients' treatment plans. Once you become a patient with us at Clearwater Dental Associates, you're part of the CDA family for life, and are treated as such. No matter what, we're here for you.

Give us a call at Clearwater Dental Associates today to experience the difference decades of exceptional dentistry can make. Schedule your appointment at our one-stop shop for dental care, conveniently located right here in Clearwater!

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