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You Don’t Have To Put Up With Missing Teeth

You Don’t Have To Put Up With Missing Teeth

Welcome back to another edition of our Clearwater, FL dental health blog.

At Clearwater Dental Associates, it is our mission to be a comprehensive practice offering a wide variety of dental services to the families of our community.

From general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, we do it all in our office on Druid Road.

We want you to go through life with a healthy mouth and a radiant smile. If you are not happy with your smile for any reason, there is a good chance that we can find a workable solution for you.

We know that nothing will destroy the health and appearance of your smile faster than losing teeth.

When this happens as a child it is an endearing right of passage. But when it happens to adults it is altogether different.

We know that it is painful, and embarrassing.

That’s why we have a plan to help you if you have suffered severe decay or tooth loss as an adult.

You Won’t Be Able To Eat The Foods You Love

One of the first things you will notice following tooth loss is that it is harder to chew certain foods. You will be forced to change your diet and consume things that are easier to chew but not as appealing to you or as good for your health.

You might also be at a higher risk of oral infections.

So, suffice it to say that your health will suffer.

But that’s not all that will change.

Tooth Loss Can Change Your Appearance

In addition to adversely affecting your health, missing teeth can also affect the way you look and feel, and the way that others perceive you.

With sunken cheeks, you will appear to be much more advanced in years than you really are, and the bone deterioration can lead to further losses.

The situation will make you more self-conscious and less willing to socialize.
Laughing, eating, and talking won’t feel the same as they used to.

Your whole life will be turned upside down.

But that doesn’t have to be your fate!

Implants At Clearwater Dental Associates

No matter how bleak your situation seems, we can provide you with a permanent solution for tooth loss.

In our Clearwater, FL dentist’s office, we can implant replacement teeth that are very close to the look and feel of your original teeth.

Our dental implants are metal posts which are surgically inserted into your jawbone. The implant will bond with the bone in your jaw, creating a new root in a month or two.

Once you have sufficiently healed, a custom crown will be screwed onto the post, leaving you with a new “tooth” that will blend it with the rest of your teeth.

The end results are amazing. And importantly, implants give you the ability to once again eat the foods you love.

You will look and feel great. In fact, you will probably feel like smiling!

Turn Your Life Around Today!

If you live in Clearwater, FL, don’t let missing teeth hold you back from having a happier, healthier life.

Contact Clearwater Dental Associates today to see how we can help turn things around!