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Two Great Orthodontic Solutions For Adults!

Two Great Orthodontic Solutions For Adults!

Hello and welcome to our oral health blog!

Today we want to talk about unruly teeth: ones that are crooked or crowded or awkwardly gapped.

Many people address these issues in their teenage years. However, for some folks, braces weren’t an option back in adolescence, or their orthodontic situation became progressively worse as the years went by.

If you can relate to that, we want you to know that you are not stuck with a smile you don’t like for the rest of your life. At Clearwater Dental Associates, we can make it better. And we’ll take it easy on you by offering solutions that are far better than the ones your friends had to endure in middle school.

Invisalign: A Good Way To Straighten Out Bad Teeth

Maybe you have heard of clear braces? The Invisalign system takes a drastically different approach to shifting teeth adult teeth into a more ideal placement. It works through a series of clear, plastic aligners, that are worn in two-week increments for only about 12 months, depending on your needs when we get started.

Rather than having you stop by for monthly office visits to make adjustments to your hardware, you will just need replace each aligner with the next in the series, by yourself.
Another big difference between Invisalign aligners and classic braces is that your Invisalign aligners will fit comfortably in your mouth without causing any pain or sores. They can be taken out whenever you eat, as such, your diet won’t have to be shaken up by your treatment.

What about cleaning. There’s nothing to it! Cleaning is just a matter of rinsing your aligners under warm water. You won’t have to carry around special tools to dig out food that gets stuck in your metal (remember: no metal!).

Because they are translucent, the aligners won’t be noticed any anyone who might be looking. This means that your treatment can fly under the radar, so to speak. That will eliminate any self-consciousness on your part and ensure that there won’t be any unwanted questions or commentary from your coworkers.

When the process is over, you’ll be smiling with confidence!

Incognito Braces: Hide Your Treatment, Not Your Smile

If you have orthodontic problems, we have a solution that’s invisible, comfortable, and effective: Incognito Braces.How does that sound? This orthodontic treatment is different than what you may remember from your high school days. Unlike conventional braces, Incognito Braces are actually placed on the back of your teeth, so there won’t be any unwanted attention drawn to the improvement project in your mouth.

More than that, these braces are designed from an impression of your teeth so that they will sit comfortably in place and won’t poke or irritate your tongue. The best part is that they still get you the same great results as traditional braces. It is just a smoother process.

Come in and see for yourself what adult orthodontics can do for you!

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life!

Isn’t it about time to change your life for the better? To learn more about our easy orthodontic solutions for adults, call our Clearwater, FL dental practice at 727-373-6628!