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The Dental Implant Difference

If you are missing teeth, or have teeth so unhealthy that they may need to come out, you will experience a change to your lifestyle. Not only does the state of your teeth affect how you feel physically, it can also affect your mood. Since your dental health determines what you can eat and cannot eat, and your eating habits influence your mood a great deal, missing teeth can have a significant impact on your emotional state.

Here in Clearwater, FL, we want you to get the most out of life, and missing teeth shouldn’t hold anyone back. At Clearwater Dental Associates, we can help you enjoy life more fully with dental implants.

Health – The health of your teeth has a direct relationship with your general health. In order to eat the healthiest foods that will give you energy and boost your immune system, you need to be able to chew foods that are high in fiber. High fiber foods can be a challenge if you are missing even one back tooth, and if you are missing a series of back teeth, then you may avoid high fiber foods altogether.

If you are experiencing severe decay in your teeth, you will likely have difficulty chewing due to pain. However, this is not the only health risk associated with tooth decay. When your teeth become severely decayed, infection can develop. Infection in your mouth can cause problems for your whole body if it spreads, including abscesses on your gums and a fever.

Cosmetics – Missing teeth can also affect the way you look. If you are missing front teeth, you will obviously have gaps in your smile, but missing back teeth, will change your appearance, as well. Your cheeks can sink in and the your jawbone and deteriorate, where the missing teeth were. This will add years to your appearance, aging you prematurely.

Another thing to consider is, if you are already missing teeth, you are more likely to lose more if you do not replace the teeth.

Dentures and Bridges

If you have a missing tooth, or a tooth that is severely decayed, then it may be time to consider tooth replacement.

Bridges – One popular form of tooth replacement is the dental bridge. This procedure involves fixing one or more crown to a healthy tooth on either side, essentially creating a “bridge” between healthy teeth to fill the gap with synthetic teeth.

The problem with a dental bridge is that you must damage two healthy teeth to attach the bridge. Also, a bridge does nothing to keep the jaw from deteriorating.

Dentures – If you need to replace a series of several teeth, then dentures are the most obvious choice for teeth replacement. Dentures have been around for centuries, and they are definitely better than putting up with missing teeth, but they come with their own set of particular problems.

One of the biggest issues associated with dentures is the fit. Dentures can slide around inside your mouth while you are talking, which looks and feels awkward. All this movement inside your mouth can make sores, which are annoying, painful, and could lead to infection.

The bigger issue, though, is that dentures tend to fall out at the most inopportune moment.
You might be at party laughing at a joke the host just made, when all of a sudden, your dentures are on the floor. Or you could be sipping away on a hot bowl soup, and then you see your teeth floating in the with the noodles.

Dentures also require special cleaning and maintenance that can be messy and bothersome. Not to mention the foul tasting adhesive required to hold your dentures in place.

The Implant Difference

Dental implant technology solves the problems that come with bridges and denture by providing you with a dental replacement that is as close as you can get to growing a new tooth.

Dental implants are small metal posts which are surgically place into your jawbone. While healing takes place, the implant will bond with the bone in your jaw, creating a new root. After healing has taken place, a custom crown will be screwed onto the post, leaving you with a brand new tooth that is indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

With dental implants you will be able eat what you, laugh with confidence, and clean them just like you would your natural teeth, brush and floss.

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There is no reason to let missing teeth affect your quality of life. Eat what you want and smile wide and proudly with dental implants. At Clearwater Dental Associates, we have want you to be happy with the way you look, so contact us today to see what dental care solution is right for you.