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Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures From Our Clearwater, Florida Dentist

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The use of complete dentures is certainly time tested and provides an adequate service for many of our patients. However, many find it very difficult to wear dentures because they move, flop, and many of us don’t like the artificial feeling of having something in our mouths.

Again, we have the ability to replace teeth without using dentures, by using the implants. And there are systems that can utilize both, where we place the implants that help to stabilize the dentures. There can be a mix between the two and it works very nicely for me.

As you age, your teeth undergo a variety of changes. From bone loss to receding gums, there are any number of reasons why you may lose teeth as you get older. If you are in need of dentures but are delaying treatment because you think they are uncomfortable or a hassle, Clearwater Dental Associates has state-of-the-art solutions available that will make you rethink everything you know about dentures!

What are dentures? At Clearwater Dental Associates, is also dentures clinic which offer some of the tightest fitting dentures available. We are able to craft partial dentures, which replace several teeth, or full dentures if you are missing all of your teeth. We aim to make your new teeth as comfortable and easy to use as possible and will work with you to develop a solution that is exactly what you want.

Our dentures are made from high-quality acrylics that look lifelike and natural from the tips of your teeth to the base of your gums. When you’re wearing a set of our dentures, no one will even know you have them in! We’ll work with you to get you a brand new smile that is beautiful as well as functional.

When you come in for a preliminary appointment, we will take an impression of your mouth which is sent to a laboratory to build your custom dentures. If you’ve been worried about having to wait for your custom dentures to arrive at our office, then you’ll rest easy knowing that we will fit you with a temporary set for you to use until your final fitting.

Once we receive your dentures back from the lab, you’ll return for a fitting and adjustment. We’ll get you the best fit possible, and you’ll be back to enjoying all the foods you love with confidence in your new teeth!

If you’re ready for a new smile you can be proud of with traditional dentures, call our Clearwater Florida dentist office today at 727-373-6628 or make an appointment using our online form.