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Precision/Implant Attached Dentures

Precision & Implant Attached Dentures From Our Clearwater, Florida Dentist

If you currently have dentures, you may be bothered by some common problems that afflict denture wearers: they slip, they irritate your gums, they fall or come loose at the wrong moments, and cleaning them can be a pain! With many of the modern advances in dental technology, there are ways to avoid the problems that come with traditional dentures and Clearwater Florida dentist offers some of the most advanced new technology to make your replacement teeth as secure and comfortable as possible – precision and implant attached dentures.

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The use of complete dentures is certainly time tested and provides an adequate service for many of our patients. However, many find it very difficult to wear dentures because they move, flop, and many of us don’t like the artificial feeling of having something in our mouths.

Again, we have the ability to replace teeth without using dentures, by using the implants. And there are systems that can utilize both, where we place the implants that help to stabilize the dentures. There can be a mix between the two and it works very nicely for me.

Precision Attached Dentures

Precision attached dentures are ideal for those needing a partial denture that stays reliably in place but is still removable. Through the use of specially designed brackets, precision dentures clip into your mouth without the need for messy traditional denture creams and cements, leaving you free to enjoy comfortable, secure use of your teeth.

The precision attachment works through a two piece clip – one end is on your partial denture and the other is on two permanent crowns. The crown typically has a slot in it that fits to a tab or bar on the denture, letting you slide it in easily and securely. The precision attachment keeps your dentures securely in place, eliminating slippage, gum irritation, and floating dentures that can cause discomfort and pain.

With precision attached dentures, you’ll be free to enjoy life without having to worry about your dentures! They are secure, comfortable, and functional, giving you a smile you can be confident in!

Implant Attached Dentures

Have you ever wished your dentures were permanent? Do you wish you could just end the hassle of taking them out, soaking them, or going to the dentist for adjustments? If you want a permanently attached solution, Clearwater Dental Associates has the solution for you – All-on-Four dentures.

All-on-Four is an amazing system that provides you with a permanent set of artificial teeth – no removal, soaking, or other hassles! You’ll be able to enjoy all the same things you loved when you had your natural teeth!

The procedure involves placing four dental implants into your jaw. These act like the roots of teeth and are made of titanium, which is unique for its ability to fuse to bone, making it just as secure as a tooth. The implant dentures are hollow and threaded for the screws that are used to permanently attach your dentures on the same day as the procedure! You’ll leave our office with a brand new set of permanent teeth!

If you are interested in precision or implant attached dentures, call our Clearwater Florida dentist office at 727-373-6628 or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to getting you the comfortable, secure, and beautiful smile of your dreams!