Men’s Health Month: How Implant-Supported Dentures May Improve Your Health

June is an important month for many reasons, and one of those is that it is Men’s Health Month. In addition to scheduling checkups for your overall bodily health, it is important to get in to see your dentist. This is because your oral health can affect your overall health, and if you are missing any teeth, then implant-supported dentures could be the right solution to get your health on track. A visit with Dr. Matthew R. Burton at Clearwater Dental Associates can make the benefits of these implants quite clear:

Better Speech, More Confidence

When you have missing teeth, you naturally try to compensate by changing certain habits, such as the way you eat and speak. Implant-supported dentures give you the proper dental structure to speak more easily, which naturally increases your confidence as well.

Less Gum Irritation

Having missing teeth also means your gums are likely irritated and you change the way you chew, which can also result in a sore jaw. In fact, your gums may be at a higher risk of infection with missing teeth, which can also cause other health issues. Implants can help reduce the risk of gum irritation and infection, as well as keep food from rubbing your gums the wrong way.

Improved Digestion

You simply cannot chew food up very well when you have missing teeth. With implants, your teeth are restored and you can chew your food properly, which not only improves digestion but also aids in the absorption of nutrients. In many cases, you may still be able to eat most of the foods you enjoy with your new dentures.

Learn More Today

Men’s Health means more than a simple physical from a physician; you should make it a priority to visit your dentist as well. You can learn more about implant-supported dentures in a consultation with Dr. Burton. Contact our office in Clearwater, FL to schedule your appointment today!

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