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Braces Are Easier Than Ever

Braces Are Easier Than Ever

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We hope that you are getting good dental information here. And if you are in need of dentistry solutions in Clearwater, FL, we hope that you will pay us a visit at our Druid Road office.

We can quickly fix any number of dental issues that might be keeping you from having a healthy, radiant smile.

We even tackle realignment projects for folks with crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. As it happens, at Clearwater Dental Associates, we currently offer two awesome treatment methods for adults that will deliver the smile you want without any of the headaches normally associated with orthodontics.

Incognito Braces

This treatment makes it sound like you are getting away with something. It turns out, you are. You are walking away with a brilliant new smile without having to go through the ordeal of old school orthodontic work.

Once you reach a certain age, if you have enough alignment issues to necessitate wire braces, you might decide that it just isn’t worth it. Seriously, who wants to deal with a mouth full of metal for two or more years years and have all of your peers gawking at the construction zone in your mouth?

Trust us, you aren’t the only adult who feels that way.

But Incognito braces are comfortable, effective, AND invisible!

This system is a new way to address age old dental issues.

Incognito Braces are actually placed on the back of your teeth, so no one will ever have to know that you’re wearing them. These are created from an impression of your teeth, which ensures that they will sit comfortably in place and won’t poke or irritate your tongue.

Plus, they deliver the same great results as conventional braces, all without the problems and disruptions that goes along with them. No one will know you are getting the work done, they’ll just know that in the end you have a superb new smile!

You’ll have to come see for yourself if Incognito Braces are right for you.


Invisalign is another solution that tackles alignment issues in a new and different manner. It could be a good solution for you if you are in need of mild to moderate corrections in your mouth.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works through a series of clear, plastic aligners, that are worn in two-week increments for about 12 months time. That’s right, the treatment is fast and there will be no metal is required.

Instead of monthly office visits to make adjustments on your hardware, you will simply replace each aligner with the next set in the series on your own. This usually happens every two weeks. Eventually, your teeth will begin to move into their preferred placement.

There will be no discomfort as these aligners fit comfortably in your mouth. What’s more, they can actually be removed for eating and cleaning. And since they are clear, they will not be detected by your peers.

In the end, you will be amazed by your new smile.

Invisalign works wonders for many patients, maybe it will be the right treatment for you!

Ready To Transform Your Smile?

The team here at Clearwater Dental Associates is ready when you are. In fact, we can’t wait to get started!

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