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Boost Your Health And Appearance WIth Implants

Boost Your Health And Appearance WIth Implants

Hello and welcome the the Clearwater Dental Associates blog!

Today we want to talk about a difficult issue for millions of Americans: missing teeth.

No matter how it happens, when you lose teeth as an adult, it will be painful, traumatic, and frustrating. But worse yet, it will also be bad for your health, because it prevents you from chewing quality food options.

Our team feels your pain and is proud to offer a dental implant procedure aimed at restoring the health of your smile as well as your quality of life.

We have found implants to be one of the top services that our patients benefit from the most. Many of our implant patients are so thrilled that they continue to brag about us for years, but it is because the implants themselves are absolute life-changers for people who can’t eat the foods they love, aren’t happy about the way the look without proper facial structure, and are embarrassed to smile.

Keep reading to hear more about this exciting procedure, and then follow up to schedule your consultation in our Clearwater, FL office.

An Easy Solution

Obviously, we will need to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. But if that is the case, we will get going with the actual implant process which involves two-steps.

First, your implant post will be surgically inserted and allowed to fuse into position to serve as a replacement root. Once the necessary healing has happened, you will come back to see us so that a permanent crown can be placed on top. That’s the part that looks like a tooth. Once that is done, you will be good to go.

Your Appearance Will Improve

The lifelike crown we place over the implant will look stunning. You will once again have a complete smile and facial structure support. You will be happy to flash your smile around Clearwater.

You Will Feel Better

Our implant and crown combination are designed to feel great in your mouth. Implants are the only artificial option that can trick you into forgetting that you ever lost any teeth. We always tell our patients that no one will be able to tell your teeth are prosthetics, not even you!

Your Eating Abilities Will Return

When we are finished, you will be able to bite with power once again. That means you can start eating all the foods that keep you healthy.

An Investment In Your Future

The interesting thing about implants is that there are very few services in the dental world that will last a lifetime. But if properly maintained, we always tell our patients that their implants should last the rest of their life. It’s exciting for us to be able to offer something that is that is so comfortable, good looking and long-lasting.

Learn More, Get Started

We hope that you have been inspired to take the next step. Contact us today to schedule your implant consultation in Clearwater. You’ll be glad that you did!