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5 Affordable Smile Solutions at Clearwater Dental Associates, Part 2

Hello again, Clearwater, FL! Last time, we talked about some affordable alternatives to dental treatments: Snap-On Smile and Zoom! At Home Teeth Whitening. Check out our blog post here.

In the second installment of our blog series, Dr. Matthew Burton and the team at Clearwater Dental Associates will share a few more exciting cosmetic dentistry solutions for you to consider. These attractive, affordable alternatives can give you a beautiful smile sooner than you might have thought possible!

Do you:

Have cracked, chipped, decayed, gapped, misshapen, or uneven teeth?
Have stained or discolored teeth?
Hate how the appearance of some of your teeth is ruining an otherwise perfectly fine smile?
Want a noninvasive solution?
Want a quick solution?
Want a cheaper alternative to veneers?


Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a time-tested cosmetic treatment that’s quick, affordable, and effective. We use a composite resin (what’s also used for tooth-colored fillings), match it to your tooth that needs the TLC, shape it to perfection, harden it with a special light, and polish it to a smooth finish. It will blend right in with your smile! This versatile solution can even lengthen or widen a tooth that doesn’t look like your others, giving you an even smile.

Bonding takes just minutes per tooth to improve its appearance. It also strengthens the tooth by filling in cracks or chips with a durable material, protecting your tooth from future damage. Unlike veneers, it doesn’t require shots or removal of your tooth structure. Dr. Burton talks about it in this video.

Do you:

Have missing teeth?
Have dentures that slide and move around?
Have ill-fitting dentures that irritate your gums?
Hate the feel, taste, and hassle of denture adhesive?
Want a solution to your embarrassment of dentures falling out in public?
Want to stop taking out your dentures to clean them?
Want to eat the foods you love?
Want to taste the food you love?
Want a less expensive alternative to individual implants and crowns?


Implant-Attached Dentures

Implant-attached dentures are a great solution for those who can’t afford individual implants with crowns or who don’t have sufficient bone for individual implants. Using the All-on-4 method, we can stabilize your dentures to just four implants. Because of the firm foundation titanium implants create when they fuse with your bone, they can prevent all the problems you hate about dentures or missing teeth! They can also help prevent sagging in your face, helping restore your youthful appearance.

One of the best things about our All-on-4 implants is that you can get a set of teeth the same day you get your implants! You won’t have to worry about leaving our office without teeth. Learn more about them here.

Do you:

Have a missing tooth?
Want a solution to your embarrassment of a gap in your smile?
Want to cover up your gums to prevent discomfort when eating?
Want a less expensive alternative to an individual implant?


A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a decades-old solution to a missing tooth. It’s an artificial tooth that we cement to two supporting crowns, which are secured to the teeth on either side of the gap. It will fill in your smile and help you eat the foods you love without pain. A bridge can last up to 20 years or more with proper hygiene.

Unlike an implant, a bridge does not require surgery. However, we do have to remove a portion of the two supporting teeth to fit the crowns on top. Talk to one of our dentists to see if a bridge is a good option for you.

Make an Appointment for Your Smile Solutions

With all of these great offerings that can boost your smile, don’t forget that dental care is an investment. We can help you make decisions that are affordable and help keep your smile healthy! If you’re ready to make an appointment to get a smile you’re happy with, contact our Clearwater dentists today! We have financing options we can discuss with you to help you get the care you deserve.