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Will Dental Implants Lengthen Your Life?

Throughout your lifetime, you will make many, many decisions. You will make so many decisions that there is absolutely no way to keep track of them all! Most decisions you will never ever think about again, like deciding what to eat for a meal, which way to travel home, or which water bottle you would prefer to carry to work today. These decisions are small and usually don’t mean much in the long run.

Some decisions, however, are very important. We try to encourage the patients who come to our Clearwater, FL, dentist office to really think about the decisions that affect their teeth. After all, some decisions, like the type of tooth restoration you choose, can have vast impact on the rest of your life!

When it comes to replacing teeth, there is no better restoration than a dental implant. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Today, we want to talk about this important decision and how you can make sure you choose what’s best for you in the long run. Let’s get started!

When a Dental Implant is Necessary

A dental implant is necessary any time you lose a natural tooth. We are not like sharks who have teeth ready to replace their lost adult teeth! We get two sets: one as babies and one as we grow into adulthood. That second set is meant to last for the rest of your life, but things happen!

Tooth decay, gum disease, and injuries are all very probably reasons why you might lose an adult tooth. When that happens, it is important that you replace your tooth with a restoration that will actually take the place of the entire missing tooth; you need a dental implant.

Other Restorations Don’t Make the Grade

There are other restorations available, but none of those restorations completely restore the missing tooth in its entirety. You can easily replace the crown of your tooth with other dental restorations, but the root is left unrestored. It’s ok in a bind, but simply replacing your crown is not enough to restore your tooth.

The tooth root plays an important role in your overall oral health. Not only does it support the tooth crown, but a root also stimulates the jawbone, which keeps the bone’s mass constant and secure. Restorations that do not replace the tooth root are not able to keep the jawbone healthy, which will result in further problems down the road.

Benefits of a Dental Implant

Dental implants have many, many benefits, but we have selected a few of the top benefits to give you an idea of what you can expect from your dental implant experience. These are the things our patients come back and tell us time and again!

Bone Mass Control – Being able to maintain your jawbone is really important not only for the health of your teeth but for the look of your jaw. If your jawbone thins out, it will affect the entire look of your face. This change in shape won’t be noticeable after one tooth, but the more teeth you lose, the most bone mass will be lost, and the more obvious it will be. A dental implant will stimulate your bone and keep it healthy.

Eat Nutritious Foods – Being able to eat the foods you love is great, but being able to eat the foods that are good for you can change your life. If you are unable to chew crunchy, fresh apples and carrots because of your missing teeth or poor restorations, your body will soon begin to suffer from the lack of nutrition. Dental implants allow you to eat whatever you want!

Looks Natural – The number one benefit we hear time and again is the look of a dental implant. People with bridges often complain about the black line along the gums that shows the end of the crown. You won’t have that line with a dental implant. Your adjacent teeth will remain just as they are! The dental implant will remain hidden below the gumline, and the crown will fit perfectly on top so that no one will even notice a difference!

Lengthening Your Life?

Could dental implants lengthen your life? Absolutely! The Mayo Clinic recently did research about people who wear dentures and found that denture wearers would likely live ten years LESS than people who kept their natural teeth. This is in large part due to the lack of nutrition, likelihood of infection, and poor diet that happen when you have replacement teeth that don’t function properly!

Dental implants completely change the tooth replacement expectation. You can have a tooth replacement that not only looks great, but functions like a natural tooth! Contact our office today to learn more about this fantastic option for restoring your missing teeth. We can’t wait to see you soon and help you find the solution you need for your smile!