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Whiten Your Smile The Easy Way In Clearwater, FL!

Whiten Your Smile The Easy Way In Clearwater, FL!

At Clearwater Dental Associates, our patients are like part of the family. As such, we go over and above the duties you normally associate with dentists, in order to keep you feeling good about your smile.

If you come to our office for a regular checkup, don’t be surprised if we ask you questions about your confidence, and happiness, as well as your satisfaction level in regards to the health and appearance of your teeth.

Here’s one thing that we see a lot of these days: folks with a smile that had once been a brilliant bright shade of white, that has now become dark, dingy and discolored. This can make you feel embarrassed, less self-assured, and so forth. How does that staining happen? Just getting older, for starters. Sometimes we can determine that it is your daily dose of coffee, or tea, or red wine, or medication (you get the picture) that are the real problems.

Fortunately, at Clearwater Dental Associates, we can help you get a nicer, whiter smile with our professional teeth whitening treatment.

Don’t Trust Your Smile To The Grocery Store

It seems so obvious, but then again we are dentists. Still, your smile and your oral health are far too significant to trust to a mass produced kit that you can get at the local grocery store. And we really are not being teeth whitening elitists. Those DIY solutions are problematic.

Think about it: with store-bought whitening kits, the supplies are never going to of high enough quality to deliver your desired results. The whitening gel is not professional-strength. The trays never fit your unique mouth quite the way they should. And your gums can be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Remember, since this is a DIY system, you will only have yourself to blame for the lackluster results and damage to your soft tissues. Who needs that?

Especially when your dentist can get the job done much better!

Clearwater Dental Associates Are Here For All Your Whitening Needs

As professionals, we can ensure that your teeth whitening happens in a quick, safe, and EFFECTIVE manner.

With teeth whitening from us, you will get access to custom-designed whitening trays that come from impressions of your own teeth. Unlike those undependable DIY kits, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to solving your problems.

Since these trays will actually fit your mouth the way they are supposed to, the whitening solution gets to stay where it needs to be and won’t be able to harm your gums. It will do exactly what you need it to do!

After we have secured the initial impressions, you will come back later to our office to pick up your trays along with enough professional-strength whitening gel to use over the course of your treatment.

It is true that you will get to be in-charge of the process, but instead of being left to your own devices, you will get detailed direction and high quality materials from us, which makes a huge difference when it comes to whitening your teeth the right way.

You can whiten around your schedule, in your own home. And it is so easy! You’ll simply wear your ZOOM! trays for part of each day until you achieve the results you are looking for. This usually takes a week or two at most before you get the bright, white look you desire so badly.

Let’s Get Started!

We want nothing more than to get you smiling with confidence again. Our Clearwater Dental Associates team can help you reverse the effects of age as well as food and beverage stains on your teeth with our dentist-directed take-home whitening kits.

Contact our office today to get going!