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Dental issues like uneven teeth, tooth decay, and even missing teeth are a lot easier to repair nowadays. All you have to do is find a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area. Luckily, Dr. Matthew R. Burton and the amazing team at Clearwater Dental Associates in Clearwater, Florida has you covered. Dr. Burton offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments to adhere to your specific oral care needs. Listed below are some of our options.

1.) Teeth whitening - This procedure is for individuals that are looking to enhance the look of their teeth in terms of color. There are two methods used in this procedure: a dental clinic-based laser option or a home-based gel tray option. Be sure to speak with Dr. Burton to determine which option is best suited for you.

2.) Porcelain veneers – A person’s teeth can chip, crack, or even decay over time. These types of cosmetic dental issues can be concealed with a porcelain veneering procedure. The veneer is a ceramic covering that is placed over your damaged teeth to restore them to a healthy and good-looking smile.

3.) Dental implants - One of the most popular cosmetic replacement procedures for a missing tooth is embedding an artificial root to the jaw of a patient. A prosthetic tooth is placed over the embedded root to replace the missing tooth and restore the complete row of teeth.

4.) Invisalign® - Many adults are avoiding traditional braces because they feel they will look ridiculous with that type of teeth straightening option in their everyday life. Invisalign® is a perfect solution for this issue. These are translucent aligners that are worn throughout the day and night without being noticed or continuously tightened.

Contact us today, to learn more about the other cosmetic treatments that we offer at Clearwater Dental Associates. One of our incredible team members will help you schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Burton. For your convenience, we are currently servicing the Clearwater, Florida area and local surrounding areas.

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