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The Key To Great Oral Health In Clearwater, Florida

The Key To Great Oral Health In Clearwater, Florida

The Key To Great Oral Health In Clearwater, Florida

Are you tired of feeling…

…unsure about the status of your health?

…all alone in the fight against cavities and decay?

…at risk for gum disease and other issues?

…afraid to see the dentist?

Then, we can help!

At Clearwater Dental Associates, our team is gentle and compassionate, so there is no need to fear the way you will be treated around here. We also bring a wealth of specialized knowledge, hands-on experience, and modern dental technology to the table. As such, once you are entrusted to our care, you will know exactly where you stand in terms of overall wellness. And you will have a partner in prevention when it comes to decay and disease, etc.

We make it our mission to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great. To accomplish those lofty goals it will be necessary to build on the good work you are already doing at home with a toothbrush, floss, and fluoride.

When you are a regular visitor to our Clearwater, FL dental practice, we will be able to stay in-tune with your ever-changing needs. In the long run, having a dentist you can trust to look after you with a preventive approach, will save you the unnecessary pain and expense of complicated treatments later.

Doesn’t that sound nice and easy?


Are you planning to devour some sweets for Valentine’s Day? Just remember that whatever you eat and drink takes its toll on your teeth over time. The sugars contained in modern food and beverages feed the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Plus, the acids they unleash can weaken your enamel, to the point that your teeth become even more susceptible to that bacteria. You just can’t seem to catch a break!

Yet, if you are diligently brushing and flossing your teeth at home and you are coming in for regular teeth cleanings and dental examinations, you will be able to remain in pretty good condition. You can bet that we will do our part to help you keep cavities at bay by regularly removing the plaque and tartar from all the spaces that harbor bacteria.

If you should develop some level of decay, it’s not the end of the world. That’s because are also good at catch cavities in their early stages, and restoring the health of your smile. In the grand scheme, a small cavity is easy enough to fix with a dental filling, and the process for doing that is pretty painless.

That said, you wouldn’t want to ever let decay get away from you. If the decay makes its way through your enamel into the soft pulp of your tooth, you will likely require a root canal. That will be bad enough. But if the tooth is deteriorated to the point that it can not be saved, an extraction will be in order. We definitely want to help you avoid such fates!

So, make your next appointment today!

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can sneak up on you because its early symptoms are hard to self-diagnose, and everyone tends to pay more attention to their teeth than their soft tissues.

As it happens, gum disease is also caused by bacteria. Initially, it can manifest itself as a slight irritation of your gums. There might also be some redness and perhaps even a little bleeding. This is the gingivitis stage.

Early-stage gum disease is easy enough to treat, and the damage can even be reversed. However, if it is not dealt with swiftly, it can cause big problems for you in the not so distant future.

By the time that gum disease transitions into full blown periodontal disease, your gums will start to recede away from your teeth, even to the point of exposing the roots. It hurts to think about what comes next. Soon, your teeth will become dislodged.

To make matters worse, pockets of infection can form between your teeth, which can spread throughout your mouth, jeopardizing not only your teeth, but also your overall health. If it makes it into your bloodstream, anything is possible. Gum disease has even been linked to certain forms of cancer.

Wouldn’t you rather stay on top of scheduling regular cleanings?

Our professional teeth cleanings will help add another layer of protection against periodontal disease, and our in-depth dental examinations will allow us to spot it, if it ever starts to emerge, while it is still in the earliest stages and most easily reversed.

To optimize your oral health, you should be stopping by Clearwater Dental Associates every 3-6 months!

Keep Your Health On Track!

Have you been inspired by today’s blog post? Great! We are here to meet you where you are at, and take you where you need to go, in terms of oral health.

Just contact our Clearwater, FL dental office today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning! We can’t wait to see you!