The Invisalign®Advantage

In the past if a patient was in need of orthodontic treatment specifically to treat misaligned or crooked teeth, they would need to get traditional braces. Although, traditional braces help to correct misaligned or crooked teeth the metal wires and brackets can initially be quite painful. Also, there are lots dietary restrictions that come along with braces because certain types of food can get stuck inside the metal brackets or if they are hard to bite into like a candy apple for instance, they can damage the brackets. However, now thanks to recent advancements in orthodontic dentistry there are other options made readily available for patients who are suffering from misaligned teeth or teeth that are crooked. The number one new option that has emerged thanks to advancements in orthodontics is Invisalign aligners.

How Does Invisalign Enhance Your Appearance?
Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces and in addition to offering a way to align your teeth undetected it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your appearance. Invisalign aligners go on clear which makes them hard to detect. You can align your teeth in a short amount and improve your smile.

Why Is Invisalign A Quick And Effective Process?
Traditional braces can take years, however, does not take nearly as long. The Invisalign aligners are customized and designed to fit the patient’s teeth. Also, because Invisalign aligners are structured and designed to fit the patient’s teeth it makes the aligning process more comfortable for the patient.

How Comfortable Are Invisalign Aligners To Wear?
Traditional teeth-straightening treatments require removal by a trained dental professional. For example, with traditional braces if a patient breaks a bracket, they would need to have it removed and repaired by a trained dental professional, and with Invisalign the aligners can be removed at any time.

Interested in Hearing More About Invisalign®?
If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign then it would be beneficial if you reached out to our office to schedule a consultation with our professional dentist to learn more about your options.



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