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Restorative Dentistry Can Renew Your Smile

Restorative Dentistry Can Renew Your Smile

Hello and welcome to the Clearwater Dental Associates blog!

We are your trusted source for dentistry services in Florida. If you live in the area, or are just visiting, we can get you the kind of care you deserve in a friendly and comfortable environment. Today we want to talk about one of our specialties: restorative dentistry. This is basically everything we do to restore your smile after something has gone awry (like disease or decay).

The good news is that restorative dentistry has come along way in recent years. With all the advancements in technology, we can get things done in a way that is much more pleasant and cost-effective for our patients. This is even true or dental fillings, our go-to solution for saving smiles from cavities and decay.

The New And Improved Cavity Treatment

For as long as we can remember, dentists have used a mix of mercury and other metals called amalgam for crafting fillings. Hey, it worked. No one has ever come along to dispute the effectiveness of such treatments. However, there have been many concerns about the metal materials.

One perennial complaint has been that amalgam looks weird in your mouth. It creates an ugly metallic splotch that clashes against your nice white smile.

Beyond that, we have discovered that conventional fillings can actually make your tooth more vulnerable to fracture and cause damage to the nearby healthy tooth structures in the long run.

That’s why Clearwater Dental Associates now uses a newer, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing material for fillings: composite.

Composite Fillings

Composite consists of a blend of resins that lends itself well to the appearance of your natural teeth. Amazingly, they will look and feel like they actually belong in your mouth.

Besides being able to fill a cavity very discreetly, composite resin also has superior bonding properties that allow for much more durability.

Our new and improved dental fillings can be placed in just one convenient appointment, the same as always.

The Process Is Easy As Always

Our team will begin by isolating the tooth in question while protecting the rest of your mouth. Then, we will clean the affected tooth, remove any decay, and shape it. Next we will mix up a batch of composite resin to match the shade of your teeth. This resin will be applied to the tooth layer by layer hardened with the help of our special lamps.

To complete the process, your filling will be trimmed, adjusted, and polished.

In the end, you’ll go home with the same gorgeous grin, only it will be much healthier than when you came in!

Let Us Restore Your Health!

Fillings are important to protecting teeth that are already damaged by a cavities. With this restorative solution we are able to save your tooth and make it last a lifetime, so don’t delay getting yours taken care of!

If you suspect that you have a cavity and need a dental filling, contact us online or call our Clearwater, FL dental office at 727-373-6628.