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Preventive Dentistry Is The Way To Good Health!

Preventive Dentistry Is The Way To Good Health!

Welcome to the Clearwater Dental Associates blog! Now that you’ve found us online, we hope to see you in-person sometime soon!

Our office has a preventive dentistry program that is guaranteed to keep you smiling all through your life. It is always better to have a dentist you can trust in the picture than to go it alone.

We like to think of oral health as a partnership. Some things you must do on your own, some things only us professionals can handle, and some things we must work on together. The primary features of this prevention strategy include: your oral hygiene practices at home, regular in-office exams, and continuing education via platforms like this blog!

We can help keep cavities at bay, and if they ever should appear, we can deal with them swiftly, before you are forced to go through root canals and extractions. Trust us, the easy way is always less painful and less costly.

Another problem you will want to watch out for is gum disease. This is something dangerous that impacts millions of Americans each year.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that has gotten loose in your mouth. At first, it can cause irritation of your gums. There may be some tenderness and bleeding that goes along with it. This is the gingivitis stage, and you may not be alarmed enough by the symptoms to know what is going on.

Our team can detect it before you can, and we can help you effectively reverse the effects of gingivitis. Obviously, we won’t be much help, if you aren’t coming in often enough for us to do our job properly.

Gum disease that turns into full-scale periodontal disease, will wreck your oral health. Your gums will start to pull away from your teeth, even to the point of exposing the roots. Before long, your teeth will begin to drop out. It won’t be pretty.

Nasty pockets of infection can form between your teeth, which can spread throughout your mouth, jeopardizing not only your teeth, but also your overall well being. There seems to be a relationship between gum disease and other (far more) serious medical conditions, including some forms of cancer.

Wouldn’t you rather keep up with scheduling regular cleanings and exams than to have to put your body at risk for bad things?

Remember: our professional teeth cleanings provide you with another layer of protection against periodontal disease, and our in-depth dental examinations will allow us to identify it, if it ever appears, while it is still in the earliest stages and can be most effectively treated. It is for your own good. Plus, cavities and disease are only some of the problems you may encounter along the way. You wouldn’t want to leave your oral health to chance.

That’s why you should make Clearwater Dental Associates a part of your master plan. All you have to do is make arrangements to come see us every 3-6 months, and we’ll help keep you on the good road.

Keep Smiling!

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