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Dental Fillings

Composite Dental Fillings From Our Clearwater, Florida Dentist

What are dental fillings? When you have a cavity, the best way to treat it, relieve pain, and save your tooth is a filling. For decades, dentists have used a mix of various metals called amalgam for fillings. While effective, amalgam is unsightly and can cause damage to the nearby healthy tooth structure in the long term, and that’s why our Florida dentist at Clearwater Dental Associates uses a newer, safer, and more cosmetically pleasing material: composite.

Composite is a blend of resins that mimics the appearance and behavior of your natural teeth, It can be color-matched as well! It has superior bonding capabilities and is able to fill a cavity virtually invisibly – no one but you and your dentist will know you have a composite dental fillings!

Fillings are important to protecting teeth that are already damaged by a cavities. We are able to save your tooth and make it last a lifetime if a cavity is properly filled, so don’t delay getting yours taken care of!

If you have a cavity and need a dental fillings, call our Clearwater Florida dentist office at 727-373-6628 or make an appointment using our online form.