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Dental Bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding From Our Clearwater, Florida Dentist

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Cosmetic Dentistry is obviously very exciting, that may be the most immediately rewarding treatment that we do. For instance, I can do a filling on a back molar, and it could like a work of art, but the patient doesn’t see the benefit and reap the benefit of that. With cosmetic dentistry, it’s right up front. They’re showing their friends, they’re looking in the mirror on the way home – they’re proud of it.

We offer pretty much all ranges of cosmetic dentistry, starting with orthodontics; straightening what we were born with. We offer porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of beautiful, ceramic material that covers the tooth, kind of like an acrylic nail would.

We offer resin bonding procedures – a dental bonding procedure is using tooth colored filling materials to reshape or change the color of the natural teeth, in a little more conservative way.

Our orthodontist here offers all levels of braces. For instance, when I mention braces to most adults, they cringe. They think that’s a terrible idea because they think of gray, metal wire like we all had to wear when we were teenagers. We have the ability now with Invisalign and lingual braces to do nearly or almost invisible braces. Our orthodontist is actually placing the brackets on the inside of the teeth so that they’re completely invisible. And then of course, Invisalign are clear trays that are nearly invisible, so we offer several different options on that level.

While veneers are a great way to cover up major damage or severe discoloration to your teeth, they aren’t necessary to deal with more minor cosmetic issues. If you’ve chipped your teeth, have lost tooth length due to grinding or age, or have exposed roots due to gum recession, cosmetic dental bonding is an ideal treatment for you.

Cosmetic bonding sculpts individual teeth without requiring removal of any tooth structure. Using a composite material that looks and feels just like a real tooth, we are able to repair and reshape your teeth quickly and easily. Whether you want to close a gap, lengthen your teeth, or are just looking for an alternative to expensive veneers, cosmetic bonding will do the trick.

Another great advantage to cosmetic bonding is that we do all of the composite shaping while it is being applied – that means no waiting for your bonds to be made in a lab or multiple appointments. We see you, and in a couple of hours you leave with a new smile that you can use with no restrictions! Cosmetic dental bonding is quick, painless, and also costs far less than veneers.

If you’re ready to give your teeth a makeover, then call our Clearwater Florida dentist office at 727-373-6628 or make an appointment using our online form.