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Live Longer, Smile Bigger With Dental Implants

Live Longer, Smile Bigger With Dental Implants

Hello and welcome to another September edition of the Clearwater Dental Associates blog!

If you have suffered through the indignity of tooth loss as an adult, you already know the kind of trouble this condition can cause in your life.

But these days, some wonderful restorative dentistry solutions do exist.

We are of the opinion that when it comes to replacing teeth, there is no better permanent restoration than a dental implant.

That’s why today, we want to dig a little deeper into this topic. Keep reading and then be sure to get in touch with our dentist’s office in Clearwater, FL to schedule your consultation with Dr. Burton and the rest of our team.

Other Restorations Don’t Cut The Mustard

When you research the possibilities, you will quickly see that there are plenty of other restorations on the market. But none of those restorations will completely restore the missing teeth entirely. Traditionally, lost teeth have meant only a couple different options: a bridge or dentures. While those are more or less functional solutions, they don’t preserve your oral health in the best way possible.

That’s because any restoration that does not replace the tooth root is not going to be very stable and won’t allow you to eat whatever you want or be able to keep your jawbone healthy, both of which will result in further problems later on.

Why Go For A Dental Implant?

Like we said, it is important that you replace your tooth with a restoration that will actually take the place of the entire missing tooth (root and all). To get the job done right, you need a dental implant.

Some of the advantages of implants include…

Being able to maintain your jawbone.

For a variety of reasons, this is really important not only for the health of your teeth but for the appearance of your face. Fortunately, a dental implant will stimulate your bone and keep it healthy.

Being able to eat the foods you love, and the ones that keep you healthy.

If you are unable to chew fiber-rich foods, you will suffer from a lack of nutrition. Dental implants allow you to eat whatever you like, whenever you want, keeping you healthy and happy.

Being able to boost your appearance.

You will have a great grin once again. And the dental implant (the root part) will remain hidden below the gumline with the crown situated perfectly on top so that it looks completely natural.

Being able to live longer.

It’s true. Credible research has shown that conventional denture wearers are likely to live ten years less than people who held on to their natural teeth or opted for dental implants as a replacement solution. That’s certainly something to think about!

Learn More, Get Started!

We hope that you have been inspired by the possibilities of dental implants. Contact us now if you are ready to learn more and get started. We’d be happy to help you schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Burton.