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Invisalign Will Change Your Life

Invisalign Will Change Your Life

Hello again!

Welcome back to our oral health blog.

At Clearwater Dental Associates, we are your trusted source for dentistry solutions in Clearwater, Florida. We make it our mission to help you get the healthiest, best-looking smile imaginable.

We realize that we have almost reached the end of another year. They just keep flying by! So, we were thinking that it might be a good time to go ahead and get working on those aspects of your smile that have bothered you for years.

Wouldn’t it be nice to unveil a brand new look by this time next year?

How can we do it?

With an adult orthodontic treatment.

Before you jump to conclusions, we aren’t talking about conventional braces.

We are actually talking about setting you up with Invisalign, a new approach to shifting adult teeth into a better placement.

Not Your Typical Orthodontic Treatment

Times have changed. Still, everyone remembers the old school braces (made of metal brackets and wires) that were forced on some of our friends back in middle school or high school.

It is hard to forget the cruel nicknames we gave those folks or the special tools they carried around for cleaning their gear. They may have been absent a lot as well, getting their monthly adjustments at the orthodontist’s office.

That was a rigorous way to get a better smile. Don’t worry, that’s not what’s in store for you.

If your teeth are crooked crowded, or gapped, Invisalign can provide a more discreet, less time consuming method of treatment than conventional braces, though the end result will be just as amazing.

Trust us!

The Invisalign Advantage

Invisalign works by employing a series of clear, plastic aligners (that are based on molds of your mouth) to facilitate the movements of your teeth.

These aligners are nearly invisible which means your treatment will be conducted “under the radar” and won’t attract any unwanted attention from your colleagues.

The aligners are actually more like wearing a mouthguard than braces.

With Invisalign, we can map out your entire treatment schedule and design your aligner trays during your preliminary consultation. Then every two weeks or so you can switch them out yourself to keep things moving forward. Thus, there won’t be any inconvenient office visits required for tune-ups.

Not unlike traditional orthodontic wires, each Invisalign tray is specifically designed to move certain teeth, at very specific times. But the difference is that the aligners fit snugly for a more comfortable experience, one that won’t cause any mouth sores.

Plus, they are removable, which makes eating a lot more enjoyable No dietary restrictions!), and cleaning a breeze (you simply rinse them under water).

Your treatment won’t take 2-3 years, but rather something more like 12 months (depending on what your situation looks like).

So, next year at this time you can have a radiant new smile to share with friends and family at the holidays. Won’t that be nice?

But you’ll want to get started right away.

Learn More, Get Started!

Ready to change your life with an adult orthodontic treatment?

We can’t wait to get started!

Contact us at Clearwater Dental Associates to schedule your Invisalign consultation.

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