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Improve Your Oral Health at the Grocery Store!

As a parent and leader of your family, you are doing everything you can to help your crew grow and learn as much as possible. You want to be sure they have the things they need to stay healthy and live productive lives. When you think about parenting this way, suddenly everything becomes much more important!

Take a trip to the grocery, for example. Love it or hate it, that weekly trip to the store can have far-reaching effects for your family! The foods and beverages that you consume affect your entire body, especially your oral health.

A lot of parents don’t worry about food for their kids because they figure their kids will burn off all of the sugar that’s in the food. While that may be true for your child, you are forgetting the impact that sugar has on teeth. Today we want to talk about that impact and other interesting things about food that will make your next trip to the grocery much more productive!

The Trouble in the Snack Aisle

Choosing snacks is every kid’s favorite part of the grocery trip, but those snack foods can pose very serious problems for your family’s smiles! You know that paste that forms in your mouth when you chew crackers, chips, or pretzels? That paste forms a starchy, sugary film over your teeth after you eat, which can increase your risk for developing decay!

Benefit from the Produce Section

Rather than create a problem for your family’s teeth, start purchasing snack food that makes everyone feel better: fresh fruits and vegetables! Your family will get the boost of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, but that’s not all! Crunchy, fresh fruits (apples, pears) and vegetables (carrots, sweet peppers) can actually give your teeth a mini scrubbing as you chew!

The Trouble in the Soda Aisle

Many, many families in our society have a very serious addiction to sweet beverages, like soda, sweet tea, juice, or sports drinks. We drink so much of this stuff that drinking anything else seems unsatisfying! The problem, of course, is that these beverages absolutely bathe your teeth in sugar and acid. The result is a smile prone to decay and erosion.

Benefit from a Water Bottle and Filter

Rather than wasting any more money on those harmful beverages, invest in a couple of things to help your family drink more water. Invest in nice, reliable, reusable water bottles that can be thrown in a backpack or briefcase. Then, invest in a quality tap water filter for your sink. This will allow you to get clean, clear water from your tap so that you can enjoy the benefits of fluoride without the gunk that sometimes comes in tap water.

The Trouble with “Quick” Dinners

You’re busy, and everyone loves a quick dinner. The problem is that most of these dinners rely on pasta or starch to fill you up. In many cases, there’s not much else to the meal! The problem with these types of meals is the same as what we found in the snack aisle. These foods are sticky, and they lead to more decay in your smile!

Benefit from Lean Proteins

Whenever possible, use lean proteins to go along with your fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner. Lean protein will rub against your teeth in a helpful way, but they will also remineralize your smile. That means that the minerals in the protein actually break down while you chew and move into your tooth enamel to strengthen it!

Make Better Choices for Your Family

It’s time for you to make better choices for your family. The switch from starchy, carb-loaded foods to fresh produce and lean protein can be a tough one, especially if your family really loves their pasta! You can make it an easy transition by revisiting favorite recipes every once in a while. After all, a treat here and there never hurt anyone!

Contact our office to set up appointments for your family. We would love to discuss your progress in this transition. Call today because we can’t wait to meet with you soon!