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Here Comes the Summer, Watch Out for Your Teeth

It is only a matter of weeks before summer is here. For many people, especially kids, this is the best time of the year. Summer is all about having fun and forgetting your worries for a while.

However, you don’t want to have a good time at the expense of your oral health. As with many things in life, the activities and food associated with summer are great, but they come with a risk.

Here at Clearwater Dental Associates, we want everyone in Clearwater to enjoy their summer without sacrificing their smile.

Summer Activities

The summer is meant to spent outdoors, running and playing, or just relaxing in the shade. You need to be careful though because even the simplest of summer activities can lead to tooth injury.

For example, badminton seems like an innocent game, not much of a chance of getting hurt there, until a racquet slips out of someone’s hand and smacks you in the face. the next thing you know, you have a chipped tooth.

Or maybe you just want to toss the Frisbee around with your kids. That sounds like fun, but a hard plastic disc flying right at your face can spell disaster for your smile.

And then there is the serious summer contact sports, like soccer. There once was a time when almost no one in this country played soccer, now it’s as American as baseball. And just like baseball, there is plenty of opportunities to get a tooth knocked out. Whether you block a shot with your face, or catch an elbow from an overly aggressive opponent, you or putting your smile at risk every time you step out on that field.

Summer Food

If you haven’t already, you are certain to be firing up the grill soon. Backyard cookouts are one of the things that make summer so great. Whether it is plump and juicy hot dogs or a rack of delicious ribs, they are certain to taste better when cooked over a hot flame or smoldering charcoal.

As wonderful as all the summer food may be, it is not so wonderful for your teeth. For instance, grilled meats, like steak or pork chops, have a habit of leaving particles stuck between your teeth where they can cause gum irritation and even tooth decay, if not removed promptly by flossing.

If you’re using a lot of barbecue sauce on your food, you are increasing your risk of tooth decay. If you are using a sweet sauce, be aware that it is loaded with sugar, like honey or molasses. Even if you are using a vinegar sauce, you are still putting your teeth at risk because of the high level of acid in vinegar.

Missing Teeth

If you do end having an unfortunate mishap with a Frisbee or badminton racquet this summer, you don’t have to go around with a gap in your smile. Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic concern, if you are missing a tooth, and especially if you are missing a series of teeth, you could experience some health problems.

For one thing, chewing is more difficult when you are missing teeth. This means that will you be less likely to eat healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, because they are typically high in fiber and require lots of chewing. Avoiding healthy foods because they are hard to choose has a direct effect on the health of your entire body.

Also, missing teeth means you will have a hard time enjoying all those great summer cookouts because you will have difficulty chewing.

Fortunately, we here at Clearwater Dental Associates have a solution for the problem of missing teeth: dental implants.

Dental Implants are small metal rods that are surgically placed directly into the jaw, where it will then bond with the bone. The implant will essentially act as a new root for your replacement tooth. Once your mouth has healed and the implant is firmly bonded, we will place a custom crown onto the implant, and you will have a new tooth.

You can eat what you want and take care of it just like a natural tooth.

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