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Healthy Habits For Happy Smiles In Clearwater

Healthy Habits For Happy Smiles In Clearwater

At Clearwater Dental Associates, it is no secret that we are big on preventive dentistry. Dr. Burton believes that it is always better to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great along the way, rather than looking for ways to later get you back on track. That’s why Dr. Burton is always reminding our patients about the importance of coming into our CLearwater, FL dentist’s office for six-month dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. That is also why Dr. Burton is constantly investing in advanced tools and continuing education for our team.

Prevention is also the primary reason for this blog. We want you to know all you need to know to stay on the good road in between dental checkups. To that end, today we want to talk about how you can save your smile by steering clear of certain things.

Keep reading, and then be sure to schedule your next appointment with our resident smile expert, Dr. Burton!


It may seem harmless. After all, popcorn is largely billed as a healthy food option (when not drenched in butter) but you still need to be careful when consuming it.

Here’s the reason: pieces of popcorn can get stuck between your teeth, which is where harmful bacteria hides out. The bacteria can feed on the tiny parts of popcorn stuck there, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

But there’s also always a possibility that you will bite into an unpopped kernel which is hard enough to damage or break your teeth. Many a dental emergency has happened while eating!

Ice Cubes

Water is good, just not in frozen form. You can use ice cubes to cool off a beverage, just don’t munch on the ice while you drink it! Ice is so hard that chewing it can badly damage your teeth.

Besides the chance of fracturing a tooth, chewing ice also wears down the enamel of your teeth. This could lead to hot/cold sensitivity and more cavities. It can also create problems for your gums. Don’t do it!


Daily doses of Coca-Cola and other such treats will stain your teeth. More than that, with as much sugar as a bottle of regular soda contains, it is not the best choice for your teeth.

Many sodas also contain caramel and fructose, which is basically sugar that coats and sticks to your teeth.

Don’t be fooled by Diet Pepsi (or any of them) either. Even though diet soda doesn’t have “sugar,” all soda is high in acidity. That acid can erode your enamel, making cavities much more likely to appear.


Coffee is a crutch for many folks in the morning hours. Still, it slowly stains your teeth over time, turning your pearly whites into a yellow (or brown) color. Even worse, most coffee drinks, at Starbucks for instance, have so much sugar in them, they’re as bad for your teeth as a fountain Mountain Dew!

Alcoholic Beverages

The primary problem dentists have with alcoholic drinks is that such beverages only dry out your mouth. And that is bad for your oral health.

When drinking, your mouth won’t produce enough saliva, which you need to help wash away particles of food or drink from your teeth and gums.

Also, some alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar making them very bad for your teeth. And if red wine is your go-to drink, you will also be staining your teeth.

Sports Drinks

You really should drink water when working out or playing sports. Gatorade, along with other sports drinks, are really designed to be consumed only after you’ve been sweating a lot. This is why they contain carbohydrates, which is really just another form of sugar. Gatorade might not taste as sweet as pop, but it can still do the same damage to your teeth.

Stay On Track!

We hope that today’s post made you think about what goes into your body. We also hope that you will have been inspired to contact our Clearwater, FL dentist’s office to schedule your next visit with Dr. Burton!