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Great Ways to Straighten Your Teeth in Clearwater, FL

Great Ways to Straighten Your Teeth in Clearwater, FL

If you’re living with with crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth, you know the embarrassment and discomfort of not being confident in your smile. You’ve probably thought about doing something to straighten your teeth, but were put off by the idea of ugly metal dental braces.

Or perhaps you have children who need orthodontic work, but you’re getting a lot of pushback because they don’t want a “mouthful of metal.”

Today’s modern teeth-straightening methods and dental braces are a vast improvement over what most people are used to. Clearwater Dental Associates offer you or a family member a wide variety of methods to help you achieve the bite and smile of your dreams.


These clear, comfortable, plastic aligners are a great solution for people who need to correct mild-to-moderate orthodontic problems. Invisalign is customized to your exact needs. You wear each aligner in the series for 20-22 hours a day for best results. After about 2 weeks, you switch to the next aligner in the series to continue moving your teeth into position.

Invisalign is very hard to detect when it’s in place, so you needn’t worry about embarrassment. And, you remove the aligners to eat and to care for your teeth as usual.

Typically, we’ll see you in the office about every six week to check your progress and adjust your schedule if needed. You’ll probably look forward to those visits – we take pictures of your teeth at each appointment. Then, combine them into a “movie” showing exactly how they’ve moved into their new positions to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Incognito Braces

Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. Some orthodontic conditions are better treated with wire braces. If the thought of living for up to two years with the embarrassment of wire braces makes you shudder, you’ll be happy to learn about Incognito Braces.

Incognito Braces are designed specifically for you, using an impression of your teeth. You get unrivaled comfort without the irritation that regular braces can cause. Even better, Incognito braces are affixed to the backs of your teeth, which makes them invisible to anyone else! They’re just as effective as traditional “front” braces, meaning that they can address a wide variety of needs.

Would You Like to Know More?

Some dental practices refer patients to specialists in other offices. That’s uncomfortable for many people. You’re dealing with two offices, two sets of dental staff, and an additional bill for services.

Clearwater Dental Associates prides itself on offering expert, “under one roof” dental services. You or your family member will see our orthodontist in our office, helped by people you already know. Not only that, but the entire dental history for you or your family member is readily available if needed.

We have many excellent options to help our patients straighten their teeth. Determining which option is best for your needs or those of your child begins with a consultation.

Call our office at 727-373-6628, or schedule an appointment using our convenient online form.

We look forward to giving the smile you’ve always wanted and that you’ll be proud to show.