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Finding a Family Dentist in Clearwater, FL

Finding a Family Dentist in Clearwater, FL


It’s that time again. 2016 is in the past, and 2017 is rolling! Happy New Year!

One of our favorite traditions is family planning.

Many of the patient families at our Clearwater dentist office tell us of an evening where they sit together with their children and plan the year. They answer questions like these:

  • What do we want to accomplish this year?
  • Where do we want to go this year?
  • Which activities do we want to prioritize?
  • How can we make our family healthier this year?
  • Etc.

By working through this process, parents are able to teach their children about the importance of setting goals, balancing their activities, and making positive changes.

We gotta say, we LOVE this idea! Especially when it comes to dental health. What better way to make your family healthier than to finally take that step into routine family dental care.

What Does Routine Family Dental Care Look Like?

How does your family rank on a scale of 1-10? Do you even know what to consider? Take a look at the list below to see where your family might improve.

  1. Daily Dental Hygiene – Each member of your family should floss at least once per day and should brush at least twice for two minutes per session.

If you are not meeting this goal, try setting an alarm on your phone, purchase a fun teeth-brushing timer, or download an app to help make brushing teeth more fun!

  1. Routine Dental Cleanings/Exams – Each member of your family should be visiting our office at least once every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. We will also take annual X-rays, place fluoride when needed, and update you on any concerns we may have.

If you are not currently seeing a dentist on a regular basis, ask yourself why not? Our office is family-friendly, and we work with families to make payment options a reality. Just ask the next time you call!

  1. Healthy Meals and Beverages – The food and drink you keep on hand in the household will affect more than your waistlines. While the high metabolism of kids makes it tempting to let the sugar levels slide, remember that their teeth are also at risk.

It may be time to assess your pantry and see if you are giving your kids the best choices. Milk and water should be daily standards, and opt for snacks that low in starch/carbohydrates and high in vitamins and minerals (like fresh fruits and veggies!).

Family Dental Care is a Team Effort

Don’t expect your kids to make these decisions for themselves, and don’t expect them to form new habits overnight. Work together as a family to improve your oral health. As you are more intentional about your kids’ teeth, we expect that you will also be more intentional about your own!

Improved family health is an excellent goal for 2017, and it begins today! Give us a call at 727-373-6628 to learn more about our family dentistry options. We would love to help you smash this goal and move on to the rest of your family’s list!