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February is Children’s Oral Health Month

February is Children’s Oral Health Month

One of the best ways for parents to give their children a great start in life is with straight, strong, beautiful teeth. At Clearwater Dental Associates in Clearwater, FL, we know that good oral hygiene habits learned in childhood can persist throughout a person’s life.

We’re a family dental service practice, and one of the joys of dentistry is being able to teach the value of dental hygiene and care to children. We know that we’re helping them to live happier, fuller lives.

Children’s Oral Health By the Numbers

According to a 2011-2014 study by the CDC, nearly two-thirds of the young people in the U.S. drank at least one beverage containing sugar on any given day. The study also found that sugar consumption by both boys and girls increases as they age, That’s a lot of opportunity for cavities and gum disease that could be avoided.

There’s no question that the vast majority of children enjoy the taste of sweet things. But dietary sugars are part of the process that leads to gum disease, cavities, and even lost teeth. Battling gum disease can be become a long-long struggle for many people. Give your children the best chance to avoid dental problems later in life by making better dietary choices now.

Teach Your Children, or Let Us Do It For You

As your family dentist and staff, we take take pride in continuing to learn about advances in dentistry. All of us Clearwater Dental Associates love to share the knowledge we gain with our patients.

One of the things we’ve learned is that the dentist’s office can be a scary place for small children. We go to great lengths to put you and your children at ease during every visit. You’ll find a caring and comfortable atmosphere every time you visit our office. And our dental hygienists are great at making dental cleanings fun and educational for children.

We Care For And About You, Too

Our caring doesn’t stop with your children. You’ll know that we always have your best interests at heart. We’ll provide outstanding service and results, but you’ll never be pressured into receiving the most expensive treatment option. And you will never receive unnecessary care at our practice.

Duncan H. called us, “The Best Dental Group in the Bay Area” in a recent online review. He wrote, “This dental group has compassion and really care about your dental health. Wonderful dentists, hygienists and office staff. They really care about their patients.”

Let Children’s Oral Health Month be Your Month

There’s no better time to get your child a professional dental cleaning and examination, and to begin their dental self-care education, than during Children’s Oral Health Month. Call our office today at 727-373-6628 or request an appointment using our online form for family dentistry.

We look forward to showing you how compassionate, caring, expert, and downright fun dental care can be.