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Family Dental Care, Part 2: Teens and Adults

At Clearwater Dental Associates we want dental care to be a family affair. Just like vacations and volleyball, tooth care is more fun when the whole family is involved! But you need to make sure you know the differing needs of each family member because age and habits have a lot to do with oral health.

In the first part of this blog we wrote about some concerns families need to watch out for when it comes to the dental care of small children. Now we are going to take a look at the older members of the family.


Teeth Straightening.

Crooked teeth are a common problem for adolescents, so chances are a teenager in your family may need some sort of teeth straightening procedure. It’s Important to know that there are options to fit your teen’s needs.

Invisalign – This treatment is for less severe alignment issues, and it uses a series of clear retainers to slowly move your teeth into place.

Incognito Braces – This treatment is for more serious alignment issues. They are similar to traditional wire braces, but Incognito Braces are fixed to the back of your teeth. Your teenager will not have to be self-conscious about his braces because no one will be be able to see them!

Piercings Can Damage Your Teeth.

Tongue piercings are a popular form of jewelry among teenagers and young adults, and with proper care potential health hazards can be avoided, but they present a variety of risks to your teeth.

The piercing itself is a place for harmful bacteria to hide, so special care must be taken to keep the piercing clean, so that the bacteria doesn’t cause health problems for your teeth and mouth.

Also, the studs used in tongue piercings are made from hard substances, like metal and plastic. These studs can knock against your teeth, especially if you roll your tongue around inside your mouth or bite on the stud, which is a common practice among those with tongue piercings. This leads to chipped and cracked teeth, making them more susceptible to decay.

So, even though a tongue piercing may be pretty, it could create unsightly gaps in your smile.

Another thing to consider is that a piercing stud is essentially a foreign object in your mouth, and it can interfere with dental X-rays. We here at Clearwater Dental Associates want to make sure you are getting accurate examinations, so let us know you if you or your teenager has a tongue piercing.


Damage from use.

Age is a major factor in dental health. By the time you reach adulthood, wear-and-tear alone may be enough to give you teeth troubles. Even if you brush and floss religiously, eat only snacks low in acids and sugars, and have regular professional cleanings, the simple fact that you use your teeth so much means they could suffer damage, slight or extreme.

Grown-ups also tend to pick up some bad habits over the years.

Smoking is one of the worse things you can do for your teeth. Not only does it cause staining, it also dries out your mouth, and a dry mouth is a breeding ground for tooth rotting bacteria. Also, the nicotine in cigarettes causes elevated blood pressure, which can increase your risk of gum disease.

Smokeless tobacco, like dip and chew, may be even worse for your teeth because they sit against your teeth and gums for extended periods of time. This habit will put you at an even higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

And even though nicotine vapor is technically not smoke, it has many of the same effects as traditional cigarettes when it when to oral health. So switching to e-cigs is not a substitute for quitting.

Coffee and Red Wine

Although it’s true that drinking black coffee and red wine can have some health benefits, they also tend to stain teeth. This effect can be lessened with regular brushing and cleanings, but remember that these drinks are also high in acid, which weakens enamel, so make sure to drink plenty of water along with them.

Let Us Help!

Maybe your teenage daughter needs braces. Or maybe Mom’s pot of coffee a day has darkened her teeth. Or maybe Dad broke his tooth on an old corn chip. Whatever the case, come to Clearwater Dental Associates for an exam.

We’ll exam your daughter and discuss her options. We’ll get Mom started on a teeth whitening program. We’ll take a look at Dad, and whether he needs a veneer or a crown, we’ll get his fractured tooth back in shape!

Contact Clearwater Dental Associates now to schedule an appointment and get your whole family into tooth care!