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Drinking Coffee: Can It Help Your Teeth?

It’s blog time in Clearwater again! We hope everyone is looking great and feeling better. Here at Clearwater Dental Associates, we love to help people feel good about themselves, and protecting your teeth and gums is one way to do that. A healthy set of teeth will give you the confidence you need to go out into the world and embrace all it has to offer, while also allowing you to stay healthy and full of energy by giving you the ability to eat the healthy foods you need for an active lifestyle.

Eating right and practicing healthy oral hygiene are two of the most important aspects of living a full and vibrant life. It’s important that you avoid habits and behaviors that will threaten your oral health. Doing so will make sure that your teeth are there when you need them most, protecting your bodily health and flashing a beautiful smile.

But sometimes it is hard to tell what is good for you and what is not. Some habits that are known for their negative attributes, may be hiding some positive ones, as well. And conversely, some things that are otherwise good for you can cause damage to your health over the years.

Look at at drinking coffee, for example. Last month we wrote a blog warning of the staining power of coffee. But recent findings suggest coffee may not be all bad after all. Drinking coffee probably deserves its reputation for being hard on your teeth, but like most things, it may be helpful, and healthful, if used properly and in moderation.

The Effects of Drinking Coffee

That first cup of steaming hot coffee in the morning sure is great. It’s got everything you need to knock the sleep out of your eyes and get you going. Unfortunately, it also has the high acid content and dark pigmentation to leave your smile a few shades darker than it was when you first started drinking the 48 hour blend.

Coffee is a notorious teeth stainer. One of the worst there is. The acid in that cup of java softens your enamel and makes it more receptive to the dark pigments in the coffee. A few years of this repeated behavior and you will notice a distinct yellow hue to your teeth. The price you pay for your delicious cup of joe.

However, as you might have guessed, there is a bright side. A recent study shows that roasted coffee beans are very effective at fight dental caries, the bacteria the cause tooth decay and gum disease. This combined with the fact that you can prevent teeth staining by drinking plenty of water after your coffee, is great news for coffee lovers.

But don’t celebrate too soon. The cavity fighting power of coffee only applies to black coffee with no sweetener. The additives that many people use to flavor their coffee pose their own risk to your oral health, so they cancel out any benefits plain coffee provides.

Fight Teeth Stains with Clearwater Dental Associates
If you are one of the many who enjoys their coffee bold and black, and you want to reap the benefits without darkening your smile, remember to make regular visits to our office in Clearwater, FL. Professional cleanings every few months will keep those coffee stains at bay. And if the need arises, we can provide a teeth whitening solution that will get your smile back to the shade you desire.

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