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Dental Veneers Will Hide Your Damaged Smile

Dental Veneers Will Hide Your Damaged Smile

Dental Veneers Will Hide Your Damaged Smile

Welcome back to another March edition of our the Clearwater Dental Associates blog! Thanks for stopping by our virtual home.

Here’s a story for you: Phil was gearing up for his daughter’s wedding when he last came to our office for his regular six month teeth cleaning and oral exam. We discovered that he was disappointed by the condition of his teeth, and the reaction it would surely get on his daughter’s big day. Phil was noticeably upset.

We asked him if he had ever considered cosmetic dentistry, but he said he wasn’t up for anything that was invasive or costly. In Phil’s mind cosmetic dentistry involved fancy procedures for the privileged. But we convinced him to come back for a consultation anyway. And we ultimately set him up with dental veneers to hide his damaged teeth.

Phil’s story ended well, and yours can too, if you give us a chance to address whatever is bothering you about your smile.

Veneers Are An Easy Solution For Difficult Teeth

We know that your smile is important. It is the first thing that most people will notice about you. As such, you want it to look its very best all through life. Otherwise your personal and professional potential could be stifled, and no one wants that!

So, is there an easy answer? It turns out that there is. Veneers are highly durable shells that get applied to the front of your existing teeth. Their job is to cover-up any flaws that others would see.

What are they made of? Our veneers are made of porcelain so as to provide a realistic, tooth-colored look. It sounds fancy, right. They do look great. But they are really accessible to anyone who needs a boost in the smile department. If your teeth have seen better days, a porcelain veneer from Clearwater Dental Associates will restore your confidence fast.

So, will the procedure be invasive? No way! Applying veneers can be done easily in two painless sessions at our Clearwater office.

How does it work? To start your transformation, we will take an impression of your tooth so that we can create a veneer that will fit over the tooth while looking and feeling natural.

After we’ve created a custom veneer for your teeth, you will need to come back for the second component of the treatment. At that point, we will gently remove a small section of the surface of your teeth and bond the veneer to your tooth to replace that section. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt!

You can trust that we will do our best to eliminate as much discomfort as possible. By the time we are finished, your smile will have a surprisingly pristine look!

Make It Happen!

You don’t have to live with an undesirable smile. We can change your life for the better with our makeover solutions. Why not start today? Just contact Clearwater Dental Associates now to schedule your cosmetic consultation. We’ll take care of the rest!