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Dental Bonding Is A Quick And Easy Fix

Dental Bonding Is A Quick And Easy Fix

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Clearwater Dental Associates blog!

Today, we want to ask an important question: are you satisfied with the appearance of your smile?

If not, we have a follow up question: are you ready to finally do something about it?

If you are one of the many folks in the Clearwater, Florida area who have been ignoring those unseemly dental issues putting off getting your teeth fixed out of a fear that it will be a long, unpleasant, and expensive process, then we’d love for you to consider cosmetic bonding.

Keep reading to hear more, and then be sure to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Burton and the rest of our team.

Bonding Is Fast!

Here’s how it works: cosmetic bonding uses a tooth filling material that looks and feels like the real deal in order to reshape and recolor troubled teeth. The bonding resin is carefully shaped to fill in any gaps between teeth, repair chipped, cracked or broken teeth, and cover any imperfections.

The good news is that the transformation happens fast. The bonding sets while it is being shaped, so the entire process usually only takes a couple of hours at most. When it’s all over, you will get to go home with a great new grin.

Bonding Is Pain-free!

Some folks are apprehensive about cosmetic dentistry because they think it will be painful. That is just not true when it comes to cosmetic bonding.

Cosmetic bonding does not require any tooth extraction or stripping of enamel, so it is a pain-free process. We just use the bonding material to mold onto your natural teeth. That’s it!

Bonding Is Affordable!

All too often, the price tag of cosmetic work keeps folks from getting the smile they deserve. But this is an accessible starting point for virtually everyone. Cosmetic bonding does not require porcelain shells or custom made crowns, so it costs much less than some of the other cosmetic dentistry procedures available today.

Bonding Is Effective!

The composite used to form the bond is the same color as natural teeth. That is so that no one will be able to tell the difference, probably not even you, because cosmetic bonding feels like real teeth, as well. You will look great and feel great about your smile.

Why not see for yourself?

We Can Help!

We hope that you have been inspired by the possibilities outlined in today’s post. Cosmetic bonding is just one of the many cosmetic options available to you at our Clearwater, FL dentist’s office.

With so many dentists to choose from, we make it our goal to stand out from the crowd, not just with amazing services but through personalized care, too. We’re a team that values relationships with our patients, not just their pocketbooks. As such, we look forward to having the opportunity to improve your life by boosting the appearance of your smile.

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