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Cosmetic Dentistry Has Many Faces

Cosmetic Dentistry Has Many Faces

Welcome back to the oral health blog of Clearwater Dental Associates!

In Clearwater, Florida, we are a convenient and comprehensive practice that can attend to your entire family’s dentistry needs, regardless of age.

Besides preventative exams and cleanings, we can provide high quality cosmetic dentistry services that are guaranteed to lift your spirits this autumn.

Here are some offerings you might want to consider for a healthier, happier smile:

Adult Orthodontics

If you have some crooked or crowded teeth that are making you self-conscious about your look, then we can set things straight.

But aren’t braces just for kids?

We get that question a lot.

And the answer is, NO!

Many adults who could benefit from orthodontic treatment are hesitant to get conventional braces because they are not into all the shiny metal brackets and wire.

We completely understand.

It’s hard to keep the respect of your peers as a serious professional when you have the smile of an awkward teenager.

That’s why at Clearwater Dental Associates, we offer the Incognito alignment system as an alternative to traditional braces.

Incognito braces work much the same way traditional braces do, except for the fact that Incognito braces are attached to the back of your teeth.

They do the same job in the end, but no one will have to know you are in the midst of a major realignment in your mouth.

We also offer Invisalign, another discreet way to shift teeth.

This method consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom made to fit directly over your teeth and can be popped out for easy eating, cleaning, etc.

These aligners are switched out at home by you approximately every two weeks, alleviating any need to come in for tune-ups at the orthodontist’s office.

What’s more, they are collectively worn for about half the time it takes to complete treatment with old school braces.


Have your teeth been chipped and stained over the years?

If so, then you are in good company.

And, veneers may be just what you need to get your smile back on track.

Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are attached directly to the front of your teeth after a slim layer of enamel is removed.

Our team will make sure that your veneers are crafted to closely match the shape and color of your own natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

If the not so flattering appearance of darkened or yellowed teeth is your primary concern, then we can brighten your outlook with the ZOOM! teeth whitening solution.

This is a safe, effective office-guided procedure.

To start the process, we design you some perfectly-fitted whitening trays based on an impression of your actual teeth.

These trays will be sent home with you containing just the right dose of our professional-strength whitening gel to significantly brighten your pearly whites over the designated course of treatment.

The best part is that this can be undertaken on your own timetable.

Snap-On Smiles Are A Snap

For a fast fix to multiple cosmetic problems, we could set you up with a Snap-On Smile.

This method involves a tooth covering that fits directly over your natural teeth.

Snap-On Smile consists of a strong resin that won’t ever get stained or shattered.

Plus, as the name implies, they literally snap into place, making it an easy cosmetic dentistry procedure.

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