Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

While you hope your teeth will last a lifetime, injury, illness or decay can stop that from happening. The good news is that you don’t have to live forever with missing teeth, as new dental technology allows Dr. Burton to create a smile that looks natural and functions just like it should. With dental implants replacing missing teeth is easy and you enjoy the following benefits.

Healthier Natural Teeth

Some treatments require that the doctor grind down the surrounding teeth to create a space that is big enough for a new tooth to fill. With dental implants, the adjacent teeth aren’t even touched. You keep healthier natural teeth even as you replace missing teeth that are affecting your self-confidence.

Protect From Bone Loss

Every tooth has a root that is secured in the jawbone. This root stimulates the jaw to grow new bone over the years. Once that root is removed, there is nothing to make the jawbone regenerate, and it may crumble and die over time. Dental implants solve this problem.

Implants are placed on a small titanium rod that is screwed into the jaw similarly to the root of a natural tooth. An abutment is placed on top, and over time through the osseointegration process, the rod actually bonds with the bone and stimulates new growth. This protects the shape of the jaw and ensures that no bone is lost.

Better Quality of Life

There are many different treatments you can choose to replace missing teeth, but some come with small inconveniences that many people struggle with. Dentures require adhesives to hold them in place and there are times where they still slip. Partial dentures use metal clasps to connect to the adjacent teeth. Dental implants function exactly as your natural teeth do, and you can eat whatever you want. Caring for them is the same as caring for your natural teeth, and there is so self-consciousness that your teeth will move or slip while you are eating or speaking.

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