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Bone Grafting Restores Jaw Volume for Dental Implant Placement

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Bone Volume and Dental Implants

One of the most important prerequisites for dental implants is having adequate bone volume within the jaw to successfully hold the implant post in place. Jaw bone volume can be lost from a variety of conditions, such as long-term tooth loss, periodontal disease or trauma to the jaw, but the bone cannot grow back on its own. In order to restore lost bone, we offer advanced bone grafting treatments and are able to perform some of the most difficult procedures in order to help you qualify for dental implants in the future.

The Bone Grafting Process

The bone grafting procedure involves taking a sample of bone from you or a donor source and forming it into a granule material. These bone granules are then applied at the site of bone loss and in many cases, we utilize guided tissue regeneration techniques or plasma rich growth factors (PRGF) to enhance the healing process. Once the bone granules have fused to your existing bone, you should have enough volume to allow for dental implants to be placed. At Clearwater Dental Associates, we offer a variety of bone grafting techniques to help restore your jaw.

  • Sinus lift / Sinus augmentation

    Bone Graft
    When bone has been lost in the upper back molar area, it is difficult to restore due to the sinus cavity that resides above. A sinus lift gently raises the sinus membrane to allow for space to add additional bone.
  • Ridge preservation / Ridge augmentation

    Bone Graft
    When jaw bone deterioration occurs due to a missing tooth, disease, or damage, ridge preservation can be used to restore the bone to adequate levels. This allows adequate volume for dental implants to be placed.
  • Guided tissue regeneration / Plasma rich growth factors

    Bone Graft
    By using barrier membranes at the site of a bone graft, we can direct the bone growth and speed up the healing process. This allows for more predictable and effective bone grafting treatments.

Obtain Dental Implants with Adequate Jaw Bone Volume

If lack of jaw bone is preventing you from receiving dental implants, then bone grafting is an excellent solution as many patients report an improved quality of life with dental implants after a bone grafting procedure. Our doctors are experienced in bone grafting treatment, having prepared many jaws for dental implants. With our advanced techniques, we can restore a jaw that has lost anywhere from minimal to significant bone volume. For those with dental anxiety, we utilize sedation dentistry so you will feel minimal discomfort and can have an anxiety-free experience.

Bone Grafting Clearwater, FL
The Bone Grafting Process