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Better Treatments For Tooth Decay

Better Treatments For Tooth Decay

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Clearwater Dental Associates can help you keep your mouth fresh and clean with regular checkups and teeth cleanings, but we can also help you restore your smile in the event than anything ever goes awry. The most common restoration we are enlisted to help with is when decay sets in and causes cavities.

Dentists around the world have treated cavities much the same way for decades: with dental fillings. That hasn’t changed but the actual fillings that we can offer now are vastly improved, making your treatment something you can smile about.

Not Like It Used To Be

Back in the day, dentists would have used a mix of mercury and other metals, collectively called amalgam, for creating dental fillings.

Amalgam fillings worked pretty well for stopping the spread of decay. But the amalgam never looked or felt quite right in your mouth. Splotches of dark metal lingered on your teeth indefinitely after your treatment.

Plus, conventional fillings actually made your tooth more vulnerable to fracture and could cause damage to the nearby healthy tooth structures. That was one area that definitely needed to be improved upon.

That’s why Clearwater Dental Associates now use a newfangled and more aesthetically pleasing material for fillings: composite. It has several distinct advantages besides being new and different.

Composite Corrections

Did you know that composite consists of a blend of resins?

That is a good thing!

One of the advantages of this material is that it matches the appearance of your natural teeth, so there won’t be any dark metallic spots on top of your teeth for people to gawk at.

These new age fillings will look and feel like they belong in your mouth.

Beyond that, composite resin has superior bonding properties that allow for much more durability without weakening any structural components of your tooth.

Composite Fillings From Your Clearwater Dentist

Much like the old style, these new and improved fillings can be placed in just one convenient appointment at our Clearwater, FL dentist’s office.

The procedure works like this:

Our Clearwater Dental Associates team will first isolate the decayed tooth while meticulously protecting the rest of your mouth. Then, we will clean the tooth in question, remove any decay, and shape it as needed.

After that, we will mix up a batch of composite resin to match the natural shade of your teeth. This resin will be applied to the tooth layer by layer and hardened with the help of our industrial lamps.

To wrap up the process, your filling will be trimmed, adjusted, and polished.

And that is all it will take to restore the health and appearance of your smile. With us, it will be a fast, discreet, and effective treatment.

Stop Cavities In Their Tracks

Dental fillings are an essential piece of protecting and saving teeth that have already been damaged by a cavity. Tooth decay is nothing to take lightly. You wouldn’t want to end up requiring a root canal or extraction, so please don’t ever put off treatment.

If you have a cavity and require a filling, call our Clearwater, FL dental office at 727-373-6628 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

We promise to go easy on you!