Are Dental Implants the Choice for You?

Dental implants have become the standard in many dental practices, as the technology used in this treatment continues to advance and become more readily available. Still, patients should never decide on a particular procedure simply because it is the popular choice. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Matthew R. Burton will help you learn more about the dental implants process and how our office can determine whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure.

Implant Candidates

In most cases, a dentist will look to implants as the first option. Whether you are missing one or many teeth, implant surgery can provide a long-term solution. Before settling on a method of treatment, Dr. Burton will need to assess certain issues, such as:

  • Bone levels
  • Nerve and root positioning
  • Gum health

On occasion, the health of the jaw bone or the gums may impact your ability to successfully receive an implant. Since the process involves fusing a titanium post with the jaw, it is important for the area to heal properly before the actual crown is set. As long as your mouth is relatively healthy, dental implants will most likely be the ideal solution.

Additional Benefits

With the loss of a tooth, people start to experience bone loss in the jaw, as the roots are no longer motivating growth. Implants stimulate the bone, making the jaw healthier and protecting other teeth. The durability of an implant also creates added support for the teeth nearby, so biting and chewing do not become a problem. Implants are long lasting, natural looking and designed to improve your oral health.

Let Us Take a Look

We use an innovative scanning system to get a full view of your jaw before deciding on an exact treatment, ensuring our process is efficient and effective. To schedule a consultation and learn more about Dr. Burton’s process, please contact our office in Clearwater, FL and we will gladly assist you!

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