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A More Precise Form Of Dentures

A More Precise Form Of Dentures

Hello and welcome to another August edition of the Clearwater Dental Associates blog!

We are your trusted source for restorative dentistry solutions in the Clearwater, Florida area. So, if you are in need of an extraction or have already lost most of your teeth, it is probably a good time to think about getting dentures.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about the ill-fitting “sliders” your grandparents used to complain about at the dinner table. Dentures have come a long way in recent years and are now made with materials that greatly improve not only your appearance, but also your overall oral health.

Read on to hear more about precision dentures, and then be sure to get in-touch with us to get started with your consultation.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial, replacement teeth, also known as dental prosthetics. Most of them are removable.

Will Dentures Make Life Better?


Unless you like constant embarrassment and difficulty chewing, which we know you don’t!

If you are dealing with missing or extracted teeth, this dental prosthetic is an excellent solution for helping you with chewing fiber-rich food as well as improving your appearance and boosting your self-assurance.

Modern dentures restore a lot more than just your smile!

What Are Precision Attached Dentures?

Like we said, times have changed at the dentist’s office. We can do a lot more for you than in previous eras of dentistry. Precision attached dentures are just one example of how far we’ve come. These are ideal for those needing a partial denture that stays reliably in place but is still removable. Through the use of specially designed brackets, precision dentures clip into your mouth without the need for messy traditional denture creams and cements, leaving you free to enjoy comfortable, secure use of your teeth.

Here’s how it works: it relies on a two piece clip (one end is on your partial denture and the other is on two permanent crowns). The crown typically has a slot in it that fits to a tab or bar on the denture, letting you slide it in easily and securely. The precision attachment keeps your dentures securely in place, eliminating slippage, gum irritation, and floating dentures that can cause discomfort and pain.

Can Implants Be Used To Stabilize Dentures?


By using implants, dentures can be anchored into the mouth in a way that they won’t slip, allowing you to enjoy the food you love. Plus, this will restore your mouth’s chewing power back to a normal level. This implant solution will also provide the bone with the stimulus it needs to stay dense and avoid shrinking.

If you want a permanently attached implant solution, Clearwater Dental Associates has just the thing for you, All-on-Four dentures.

All-on-Four is an amazing system that provides you with a permanent set of artificial teeth. There will be no daily removal, soaking, or other headaches involved!

The procedure involves placing four dental implants into your jaw. These act like the roots of teeth and are made of titanium, which is good at fusing to bone, making the end result just as secure as a tooth. The implant dentures are hollow and threaded for the screws that are used to permanently attach your dentures on the same day as the procedure.

The good news is that you’ll get to leave our office with a brand new set of permanent teeth!

Are Dentures A Cost-Effective Solution?


Dentures provide a practical and cost-effective solution for restoring your smile following tooth loss as an adult.

Around here, we can provide you with high-quality dentures that allow you to reclaim your life once and for all!

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