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A Few Perks Of Invisalign Clear Braces

A Few Perks Of Invisalign Clear Braces

A Few Perks Of Invisalign Clear Braces

Welcome to the Clearwater Dental Associates blog! If you live in the Clearwater, Florida area, we’d love to invite you in for an orthodontic consultation, that is, if you are unsatisfied with the health or appearance of your teeth.

Let’s face it, most of us were not blessed with perfectly shaped, evenly spaced teeth. So, if your smile is characterized by crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, you are not alone. AND we can help!

In fact, we’d love to turn you on to Invisalign, a modern method for re-imagining stubborn adult teeth without having to install metal braces for 2-3 years.

How does that grab you? If we have your attention, keep reading and see the big perks of signing up for Invisalign. We are confident that you will be impressed enough by the possibilities to set-up that consultation and begin your transformation!

OK, so, here is our initial list of Invisalign advantages…

1. No One Will Know!

Our orthodontic patients appreciate the way that Invisalign doesn’t draw any unwanted attention to your mouth. This is due to the fact that this system makes use of clear (almost invisible) plastic aligners to do all the heavy lifting, so to speak. Your friends and families will never know that you are in the midst of a smile improvement project.

2. These “Braces” Are Removable!

When you get metal braces, they don’t come out until the treatment is over. That’s just the way it goes. But that is not the case with Invisalign aligners. It’s alright to remove them for dinner, photo opps, and whenever you deem necessary. This sort of convenience was inconceivable in earlier eras of orthodontics.

3. Fewer Hassles

You make the magic happen by switching out your aligners for the next set in the series. This needs to happen every two weeks or so. But it does away with the never-ending need for tedious adjustments in the orthodontist’s office.

More than that, you won’t need to carry special tools around to pry food out of your metal brackets, or waste time browsing for meals that won’t get trapped in your metal orthodontic equipment.

4. Your Aligners Won’t Irritate Your Mouth

Most people never get used to the harsh feel of metal orthodontic hardware.

The good news is that Invisalign aligners are more akin to a mouthguard in the way that they rest naturally over your teeth. You won’t need waxes to form a protective barrier over your soft tissues. These aligners adapt to your mouth and they won’t hasten any bleeding, sores, or discomfort.

Plus, you will also be able to brush and floss your teeth just like you always have!

5. Invisalign Delivers Fast, Effective Results!

In the old days, you would have to wait 2-3 years for your smile to get any better. But nowadays, Invisalign can get the job done in only about 12 months time, give or take.

And the results are as good or better as old-school braces could deliver.

Ready to learn more about Invisalign? Contact Clearwater Dental Associates to make it happen!