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5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun For Your Kids

Families are important to us here at Clearwater Dental Associates. We like to see the children of Clearwater with healthy dental care habits, but that is often not easy to do. Brushing their teeth simply isn’t a priority for most children, so it is up to you, the parents, to make it one.

Here are some ideas about how to do so:

Play a Song

Healthy dental habits don’t have to be a chore when you add a little music. Pick an uptempo tune with a strong beat and your kids can brush in time to song. Having your kids brush along to music not only turns oral hygiene into a party, it also gives you a built in timer to make sure you children are brushing long enough. Play a song that is a couple of minutes long, and when the the song is over, it’s time to rinse!

Make it a Game

Brushing may seem boring to your kids, but it doesn’t have to be. You can turn it into a good time by making a game around brushing your teeth. One thing you can try is buying a few colorful toothbrushes, and have a different brush for every day of the week. This will not only make brushing more fun, it will help younger kids learn the days of the week. Or you could have your child choose a different color toothbrush for whatever mood they are in. This will teach healthy dental care habits, as well as encourage healthy communication about feeling.

Another thing you can do is have your children pretend to be their favorite animal when they brush. They can show you how a bear brushes its teeth, or how a monkey flosses. Or you could guess what animal they imitating while they brush. The sillier, the better. Don’t let it get too crazy, though. You want to make sure that their teeth actually get clean and that nobody hurts themselves.

Make Storytime Brushing Time

Combining two nighttime activities is a good way to get your kids excited about brushing and save time. There is no reason that you couldn’t read to your kids while they brush their teeth. This will help instill two healthy passions in your children, the love of reading and taking care of their teeth.

If your children are small, you can read short nursery rhymes, or Dr. Suess. For older children, you may want to read a longer book one chapter at a time. This will get your kids excited about dental care because they’ll know that in order to get the next chapter of the book, they’ll have to brush their teeth.

Show Them the Reward

Small children, and even teenagers, sometimes have a hard time seeing the reward to brushing because, other than fresh breath, the rewards aren’t immediate. So it may be helpful if you established an external reward system to brushing. While it is probably not a good idea to “pay” your kids for healthy brushing habits, it may be helpful to show them some reward and consequence for healthy behavior.

You could make brushing every night without a fuss part of the requirements for access to electronics, like video games and iPads. You could also use something as a sticker chart to let kids see that they are doing what they are supposed to do. Kids love stickers and letting them place a sticker on the chart will reinforce brushing as a regular routine.

Brush with Them

The most important, and effective, thing you can do to get you kids excited about brushing is to do it with them. Modeling healthy habits is the best way to teach your children the value of good dental hygiene. When your kids see you doing something, they’ll want to do it, too.

It will be even more effective if you combine the methods. Your kids will learn to love brushing when you are by their side jamming out while brushing to the beat. Imagine how fun it will be for them to see you brushing like a gorilla, or flossing like a dolphin.

Whatever technique you use, do it together and your kids will develop a healthy routine that they can carry into adulthood.

Healthy Habits

Make sure that while they are having fun, your kids are brushing properly. They should brush from side to side and up and down, not forgetting the back teeth. They will need to get the tongue, too, because the decay causing bacteria loves to camp out on your tongue.

Also, don’t forget to bring your children to Clearwater Dental Associates for regular cleanings and checkups. Your children will be less likely to experience dental anxiety in the future if they becomes comfortable with the dentist now.

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