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3 Big Advantages of Invisalign at Clearwater Dental Associates

3 Big Advantages of Invisalign at Clearwater Dental Associates

Our Clearwater FL dental office is a one-stop shop for your dental issues. From providing great family dentistry, fixing missing teeth,  to straightening crooked teeth — Clearwater Dental Associates has the right services to keep your mouth healthy.

You can contact our office today at 727-800-3489 to schedule an office or use the online form. Today we have a special message for adults who need to align their crooked teeth. You don’t always have to have braces. There is an elite clear orthodontic system available to you: Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear orthodontic appliances to gradually move the teeth into a better position. And while Invisalign is not intended for major orthodontic issues, there are millions of people who could benefit from Invisalign.

Here are three big advantages of Invisalign:

Invisalign treatment is virtually invisible

If you’re past the age of 13, you probably don’t want metal brackets and wires on your teeth. This is especially true for working professionals. We can’t tell you how many adults come to us wanting to correct their crooked teeth but have ruled out treatment entirely because they will not wear braces. We can’t hardly blame these patients. Traditional braces stick out like a sore thumb and can make you look much younger than you are. One patient even told us, “I have worked for 7 years to get to the point am I currently at my job, the last thing I want to look like is a preteen.”

Lucky for this patient and so many others, Invisalign is not braces. Invisalign uses aligners and absolutely nothing is fixed to the teeth. The Invisalign aligners are also clear, which means you’re the only person who will know you’re wearing them. You don’t have to worry about people asking you about the treatment or staring at your teeth.

Eat the food you want with Invisalign

One thing about braces you may not realize is that braces often come with a host of food restrictions. You’ll have to avoid sticky foods, popcorn, nuts, apples, corn on the cob, and even hard breads and bagels. It can be frustrating, and that doesn’t even count all of the times you’ll get food stuck in the braces.

Invisalign uses removable aligners, so you simply remove the aligner while you eat. It’s that easy. You can eat whatever you want. Just give your teeth a quick brush before reapplying the aligner. We don’t want you to have food restrictions during your treatments, and with Invisalign you don’t have to. Just make sure you put your aligners back in after your meal.

Invisalign is predictable

Invisalign uses advanced technology that allows us to plan out your treatment. With Invisalign, we can tell you almost exactly how many sets of aligners you’ll need. You’ll replace your aligners once every two weeks and wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day. If you follow the treatment plan, you’ll hit your treatment goals.

Invisalign can give you a better, straighter smile and you don’t have to worry about smiling with confidence during your treatment. At Clearwater Dental Associates, we can set up your entire Invisalign treatment in one simple visit. If you are struggling with orthodontic issues, ask us about Invisalign. Give us a call today at 727-800-3489 or use the online form to request your appointment.